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Music: (in order of appearance)
Speed Racer: The Videogame Original Soundtrack

Recording info:
Devices: MacBook Pro 16”, iPhone 12 Pro Max, LG G8X
Recorder: ScreenFlow 9 / QuickTime
Editing Program: ScreenFlow 9

Still here in the description? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  1. This car is a lot worse than the SCG. The VLF is a much better option and you can easily get it in its exclusive daily event. Might as well give up on the GP.

  2. I thought it will perform overall batter than SCG 007s but sadly it is completely opposite , also SCG 007 is giving high competition to Naran hyper ! , Not hard to win against Naran hyper

  3. The only reason I will 3 star this car is because of the memories tied to it back in my childhood. And it just looks amazing, my favourite Pagani along with the TriColore. I have a lot of tokens on my hand anyways, will already be close to 2 star this car just from thr gp, so might as well 3 star it anyways.

  4. In My Opinion. I Liked the looks at this car. Feels so much nostalgia. But bad thing is. The Handling and drifting. And what makes me disappointed is the CAR SOUND. It doesn’t even sound like irl version. It’s really disappointing

  5. 3 main problems with this car.
    1. As you mentioned, the sound. In real life, you would hear something like:
    in this game, all you get is a slight “brrrrrrrrrr kchk brrrrrrrrrr kchk rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRrrR”
    2. The drifting. The drifting is really poor. It should at least be sharp like the imola. Doesnt have to be floaty and punchy but at least sharp.

    3. The cost. As you also mentioned, 900 tokens for a 10x pack is horrible, especially when this car isnt too good in the first place.

  6. are you guys having problem trying to launch Asphalt 9? mine takes few minutes to reach the main screen… sometimes telling my 200mbps internet is the issue (i am playing the Multiplayer of RS Extraction without problems…)

    im sure its Gayloft fault

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