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The BEST OWEN GUN LOADOUT is now Better than the MP40 in WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re going over the best OWEN GUN LOADOUT in Call of Duty WARZONE that is now better than the MP40! The Mid-Season Update nerfed the MP40 a bit in WARZONE, meaning the SMG META is changing ever so slightly, allowing the Owen gun to become one of the best SMGs in COD WARZONE!

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  1. The only problem of this is that sometimes when im rushing i click the left joystick by accident and a switch and when u switcha t stop shooting for a sec or 2 is there a way to switch that button to like 0 or sum well ig pc players dont have this problem

  2. That’s the only thing that was disturbing about the gun and you just convinced me to use it more atm, thank you!!

  3. Is there a way to avoid unintentionally swapping between optics mid gunfight on controller? I can’t use any variable optics cause when I do, 90% of the time I end up pressing L3 mid gunfight while ADS’d. if it matters, I’m on pc, using scuf impact with paddles. I do have the emg thing as well so I can override specific buttons if needed.

    Appreciate any help.

  4. I'm just saying, ya'll sleeping on the voltstugmeyer or whatever the hell the last AR to unlock in vangaurd was, has the mobility and fire rate of an smg…and hits like an ar…feels similar to the original FFAR…

  5. Hey Immortal, not sure if you remember me haha. I told you to use recoil booster on Owen gun and you said no haha nice video like the good clips

  6. Good shit, love the Owen from the beginning but something was off with it. Glad I got it leveled up now it’s primed for action

  7. 305 precision is the best barrel for the Owen gun it has more range than the shrouded barrel and that headset multiplier is insane

  8. Dang I never really appreciated the Owen gun but now that you gave me a loadout for it I will def start using it more often. Thanks Immortal

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