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YouTube and NFTs? | 5 Minute Gaming News

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The Rock Makes a Video Game Movie…AGAIN?! Three New Star Wars games in the works! Youtube and NFTs – Why it sucks …


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  1. I love the star catalogue analogy, especially considering that the blockchain doesn't store the asset, just the link to it.

  2. God I love these vids. After a decade watching Jesee's channel he still makes stuff that I'm glad and excited about

  3. Love, love, love your video, talking about games, Dragon evolution is also a new project, great P2e, great APYs, don't miss out on this project this season.

  4. Anything with purely speculative value that can be taken away as easy as pressing the off button without any legal repercussions is a scam, and NFTs are just that. How big tech companies can be so stupendously ignorant of that fact shows that they're only after money and not any actual practical application of the new technologies they claim to work with.

  5. "We need to oppose NFTs in Youtube" – "It worked in the Discord community"
    Remember the dislike counter debacle? Do you really think Youtube will listen to the majority of the content creators?

  6. If anyone wants to understand NFTs, all you need to know is that someone tried to mint Jesse's youtube channel as an NFT. That's right, some random person with absolutely no association with Jesse has dumped untold amounts of funny money and used an entire household's worth of electricity to create a digital certificate which claims that they not only own Jesse's channel, but have the rights to sell it to other random people for more funny money

    Does that sound like an absolutely ridiculous scam? Good, because that's exactly what it is and NFT sellers are using that same "logic" to sell stolen gifs, videos, music, artwork, artwork made by dead people, photos of dead people in general, etc. All at the expense of dramatically increasing electricity costs for the rest of us and destroying the planet through the excessive emissions created from the minting process

  7. This is strange but awesome timing. I just picked up Jedi Fallen Order again for the PC and I can't believe I've been sleeping on this game all this time. I'm absolutely hooked and blown away by how incredibly well designed it is; level design, gameplay mechanics and of course visuals are all mind blowing.

    A second installment has some huge shoes to fill.

  8. When a company gets into NFTs they just want fast money, people who buy companies nfts feel they are getting in Wall Street but in reality they just want to believe they will become rich, they can potentially get rich not saying it can’t happen, but for it to happen they have to swindle someone else, so basically it’s get rich by scamming others.

  9. Thanks for these Jesse, I think we’re all loving the bite-sized, honest and interesting news from the Space Butte… I mean from you, of course

  10. It's fascinating how much of what we treat as valuable is just enough people going "we decided this thing is valuable". Diamonds are super common in nature but basically a few people limited the supply so they are hard to get and suddenly we treat them as so valuable even though they are effectively just a pretty rock. I feel like NFTs are people desperately trying to get enough people on board to make a worthless thing valuable because it sounds like a quick easy way to get rich.

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