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ZOMBIES in The Vanguard CAMPAIGN Easter Egg! Project Aether (Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Story)

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Zombies in The Vanguard Campaign! Project Aether Easter Egg (Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Story)

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  1. am i the only one annoyed that they connected the cold war zombies story to the campaigns? I always thought that cold war zombies wass some alternate timeline or something not actual canon 🙁

  2. In the first map we get for vanguard behind the fast recover perk in that little room with the radio transmitter, behind the sand bag barriers there are red barriers I just haven't figured out how to move the sand bags I've tried all lethal equipment but no budge

  3. Seems like he might be the evil voice in the round based modes. Continuing the story of the old games and refreshing it but also not rewriting the Maxis and Richthofen story

  4. I'm sure there's a lore reason as to why Samantha Maxis isn't the horde controller in 1945 but I don't care, fix whatever the problem is and bring her back. Come on, since when did CoD Zombies care about consistency?

  5. Could you post a video going over the whole Kortivex Easter Egg when you get the chance to? I enjoy the walk-through's even though I never get them done.

  6. God, good thing I skipped over the story mode, whole plot is just stupid and cookie cutter as usual

  7. while i was doing a mission while playing i was back my self against a wall and discovered a listen button so i think that counts as an easter egg tho i could only do it once during the mission tho i didn't hear all of it due to my loud ass family

  8. Seeing that scene again gave me chills. can we just appreciate how far CGI has come and how clean and cool that whole thing is

  9. Theory about the elder gods. If you go back to revelations in B03 there are 4 rune symbols. Each rune symbol have their own abilities. The pink symbol is fire (aka ring of fire) (aka Inviktor The Destroyer). The light blue symbol I believe is ice (aka frost blast) (aka Norticus The Conqueror). The yellow symbol is wind (aka aether shroud) (aka Bellekar The Warlock). Finally The dark bluish symbol is electric (aka energy mine) (aka Saraxis The Shadow). All of the rune symbols represent each elder god of the dark aether. If you don't believe, search up the rune symbols on revelations and check out what every element is for each rune symbol. Also its the same color of the dark aether elder gods.

  10. Okay I don't question about the panzers why did Ricktofin not say to shoot the head cuz they made them and do those I was the weak spot that they never mentioned the head and why did ricktofin not get some suit for the characters??? BTW love your videos man keep them up

  11. Honestly for call of duty I think they should remaster waw bo1 bo2 and mw3 campaigns as a bundle and that give em time to make a good cod imo

  12. See them having all 3 modes in the same universe, seems like a rlly great idea! If only the zombies mode LIVED UP TOO IT.

  13. I know everyone is mad at Vangaurd due to lack of content and I do get it, but I'm glad to finally see a video like this because I am enjoying it so far and look forward to see where the story will go next

  14. The whole cod campaign, multiplayer, zombies are connected to other places means they connected and aether will get the whole world lf cods and the cursed of darkness will shattered and open the gate of portals that have been created and went by other zombies cod

  15. Last time i remember Samantha Maxis was in control of the Zombies and the last time i saw red eyes was Mob of the Dead with its kick ass intro, i miss the "Realism" Cod used to have back in the Glory Days with its campaign like Waw, Bo and, Mw, its got realism to the max with its guns but the story and the way it feels is just off but mabye im just old

  16. Kind of hate how they’re clutching at straws trying to link all these games together. I preferred when zombies was its own thing but there was always theories of it being linked to the campaign.

  17. Quick question why the zombie have red eye in cold war instead of purple? Or this is a reference to vanguard. Also when you kill the zombie they eye still glow and not black. Love the Vids ?

  18. I think this connects to black ops. Like project nova. Maybe this is how the brits learned of the location of it and had a commando raid on it during COD Blackops

  19. I got theory might sound stupid but the dark aether story line leads into the black ops 1 2 3 and 4 zombies story line

  20. To me all the missions in this COD feel more like Battlefield 1&5 missions, if they wanted to make a world war 2 game, have the axis as the main characters or actually create an alternate world where the bad guys win, there isn't enough games like that

  21. I know project endstation is the dark aether story but I don't know what is project aether maybe is in aether story.

  22. The trailer from vanguard looks so nice the story would be awesome! but then u play it and think no thanks haha maybe after a year of content it will be good ?

  23. Since this game is linked to the black ops timeline i won’t be surprised with we get a Reznov and are original zombie crew as possible operators

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