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32 Firecrackers Orbs Opening | League of Legends

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  1. In Worlds and dragonmancer orbs i got 31 skins to charakter i Play 1 legendary for riven and i thought i could get legendary yone

  2. i got the last pass and after opening all the orbs and re-rolling everything i ended up with ONLY 11 skins. 6 skins legacy or with no value at all. 3 legendary, 1 ultimate and 1 mythic. Not to mention i re-rolled space groove blitz and got space groove blitz XDDD

  3. I only got trash, not even 1 single gemstone and only legendaries I had already. Which were 2 I think. I opened 18 of them, a bag and 3 chests

  4. i mean, you sure did gamble. telling people not to buy something because you had bad luck makes no sense lol

  5. At least you didn't get KDA Seraphine from a normal hextech chest 3 days after you bought her for full price and it's not possible to use token on her, because this skin is like a "set" due to missions (for icons, emote and her 2 forms) :DD

    Or Dawnbringer Soraka 2 arams after you bought her 😀

    Or fukin Prestige KDA Ahri around week after you grinded over month for those 2200 tokens to get 100 pp :'DD

  6. It's not all good, also it's not all bad but one thing is sure… 1 gem and 2 legendary from more than 30 orb it's not a good deal

  7. Depression for what mate…u have found lot of legendary skins with 32x orbs??. If u Wanna Have more lucky,try to shop 50x orbs bundle.

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