Dying light 2

All Zombie Types In Dying Light 2 | Special Mutations Showcase With Gameplay | 2022

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Hey everyone in this video we are going to look at every zombie mutation we know of so far with some gameplay.
The list will be updated in the future when the game releases but so far this is what we have.

► Timestamps:
INTRO: 0:00
BITER: 0:08
VIRAL: 0:53
HOWLER: 5:24
GOON: 7:43
BOMBER: 9:15
HAZMAT: 10:11
SPITTER: 11:08
DROWNER: 11:42
BOLTER: 12:09
OUTRO: 15:16

Sources –

Revenant Footage By AussieGG – https://youtu.be/v18jseKtPRg

Bolter Footage By Slimecicle – https://youtu.be/vcd9TQyykH8

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  1. Fun fact there's a dying light comic that explains the outbreak in this city long story short this is the banshee from the comic who gets turned at the end of the comic and the black necklace she has on has the doctor research who worked on the cure who was her ex as well I hope that plays into the story as well.

  2. What a vid dude! Great content massive info really appreciate it! New sub right here keep up the good work brother❤️??????

  3. Surprisingly I’ve warmed up to the new hud if we have an option to turn it off I am going to but I think it’s alright

  4. I can’t believe that one zombie has its arm bone sticking and it’s just like: ahhhh there’s a person you guys got it in gonna take a nap

  5. I'm pretty scared about that drowner and revenant tbh Idk why, On the other hand, pappa volatiles will be caring I believe, cause they will be always after us XD , just cant wait . Btw thanks for coming by my stream yesterday man ! have a nice day! GOODNIGHT and GOODLUCK

  6. One detail you missed bro, the goon went from having a body carved from marble to fat and squishy. The official lore is that they went into the fitness protection program after the first game. I was told this by techland cuz they like me now lol, jk they do not.

  7. I think you can see a charger in the reason trailer it barges through a door with green smoke?

  8. I hope volatile nests still exist, those were the most disturbing thing from DL1. It was strange enough and disturbing that people turning into volatiles could speak human language.

  9. people are talking trash about dying light 2 but it looks absolutely amazing. Looks like a combination of dying light and dead Island 2. Can't wait!!

  10. This idea may or may not ruin the story, or at least the seriousness of the story, but if we had a bolter companion that fights for you, or at least acts as a pet. It probably sounds like a complete anime cliche, but still, it'd probably be cool to see zombies fighting each other. "How To Train Your Volatile." "Coming to a theatre near you!"

    Also, do you think it means we might not get the Toads or kid zombies? The kid zombies were pretty creepy. Sad, but creepy. Overall, though, I'm excited for everything else.

  11. This is just a personal theory but I like to think any infected no matter how changed moments away from death have some sort of terminal lucidity

  12. Damn dude, you've hyped me even more for this game! 2 new infected! I wonder what the Charger will look like, and moreso the Currupter! Maybe it is that charcoal looking infected because it rammed that door straight off it's hinges in the trailer.

    Edit: actually 3 including the Banshee but we already know about her. Is the drowner not on that list?

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