Call Of Duty Warzone

Attack on Call of Duty

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While Warzone is in shambles, humanity is on its last legs. Unleash your inner weeb in Call of Duty x Attack on Titan Bundle


Attack on Titan – Opening Theme – Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen
Final Fantasy IX OST Vivi’s Theme ~ Alexandria Theme
Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 Opening|The Rumbling – SiM
Attack on Titan S3 OST – AoTs3-3spens/21石
Attack on Titan – The Reluctant Heroes

00:00 – AOT X COD
00:25 – Attack on Duty Warfare
00:50 – THE BUILD
00:58 – RUMBLING
03:34 – Nutty Sten
05:50 – I made another mistake
06:13 – wALL hAx
06:43 – thx for watching

i’m Tmal and I’ve made these gaming COD videos for almost 2 years now. Cheffin up memes in COD to make these videos based on best new loadouts, zombies, new cod skins, cold war new content and modern warfare new content mixed with memes. ive played COD mobile and most of the CODs, favorites are black ops 2 and Modern Warfare but the new ones are pretty good too. Not as much broken OP as Modern Warfare 2 days but still pretty fun. been gaming for a while, owned playstation 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 but not a single xbox console so I’ve never played Halo or any other xbox exclusives sadly. watched many movies and animes so i put in those references that shouldn’t be mixed with COD but we do it anyway because thats how we do it.



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  1. I was listening to The Rumbling 24/7 while editing this video.
    THIS SKIN IS A POTATOE BUT THIS WAS STILL DOPE AF, hope yall enjoyed it as much as I did

  2. Bundle: "Levi Edition"
    Character: Its Jaeger.
    *Also finds out you dont get to dual wield.
    Me: That's it, I'm done not getting this trash.

    PS Nice video TMAL.

  3. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the nobleness everyone had in the 6v1 sword fight?

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