Attempting to Buy the PS5 from GameStop + Target – PlayStation 5 Restock Stream

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Let’s try to secure a PS5 from Target! Target will restock the PS5 between 6am and 9am ET (3am-6amPT) today and GameStop at 11am ET!

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  1. I barely seen a GameStop email in regards of this bundle Thursday night 1/20/22 stating that pro members had early access, it caught my eye but didn't get my hopes up. I honestly had already given up buying one for now and accepted to wait on it till it was actually my turn (not giving scalpers my business due to my concern of no warranty available from them). Come Friday morning, at 7:05am I remembered about it and was like MAN, I MISSED OUT!!! (I'm a father so I have dad duties in the morning lol). But then glimpsed at the email again and it stated 10:00 CT, not ET time. So to wrap it up this comment, I logged in at 7:59amPT sharp, and by 8:02 I had one in the cart, I hurried and purchase it and seemed too good to be true. I was expecting for my order to be cancelled, but received the PS plus and GS gift card emails in the next hour. And the PS5 is now shipped with an ETA of 1/28/22. so pumped. GAME ON, LETS GO!!!!

  2. I have a PlayStation email to buy a PS5 on the 26th. If anyone wants to buy it from me after I confirm it. Lmk

  3. Question I got a Nintendo Switch OLED on release day it was the only one Target had. Where I live we only have a Target and a Walmart and I've only seen 1 other ,are Switch OLED s hard to come by as well ? ? Also your doing a good job for people because some really don't know how to get a system.

  4. At the Canada Gamestop they sell them in store for the past few months. Just have to check often to get one.

  5. I been looking for A PLAYSTATION 5 for about 4 months now. I finally said F it when I see a PS5 then so be it ,it might be awhile before I can buy one. It's been about 2 weeks since I stopped looking then the other day a old friend of mine texted Me and sent Me a photo of a PS5 bundle on My phone ,I said it must be nice. He told Me no the reason I sent U a photo is that someone he knows that has a brand new PS5 and it's available for sale. I told him he'll yes I want it that was yesterday. The PlayStation 5 has been out for a year and two months now and it took me close to 5 months to get a PS5 and the crazy thing is the PS5 basically found Me ? I never even told My friend I've been looking he just knew I played video games ,but yeah finally on January 20th of 2022 I have a PlayStation 5
    I'm set for the next 5 to 7 years now with My Nintendo Switch OLED PS4 pro and a Xbox Series S and finally a PlayStation 5 the search for a system is finally over for a long time ??
    BTW My PlayStation 5 Bundle came from GameStop and not from a scalper.

    Sorry guys I didn't mean to Post this long of a comment Lol

  6. Can you join Gettr because I don't subscribe to Twitter for obvious reasons so I can follow you. I'd love to pick up a console some time in my lifetime. Stay healthy my friend.

  7. Hay jake trying to get a ps5 today my GameStop is out of stock here I been waiting a year in a half to get one so I need help I only have cash for the ps5

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