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AWAKEN – Season 2019 Cinematic // LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (REACTION)

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Original Video: https://youtu.be/zF5Ddo9JdpY
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0:00 Intro
0:47 Reaction
4:01 Outro

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  1. The character that looks like an attack on titan character is called Camille, she is from Piltover. She is a human augmented by hextech, her legs are blades that can fire off attack on titan like grappling hooks and she herself is an enforcer/spy/peacekeeper for one of the strong(rich) families of Piltover.

  2. I don't remember all of the lore, but I still want to give information about one of the three "fights". The one with the guy with the mask on the piano and the "trapeze lady" 😛

    The guy in the mask in Jhin. In the lore, he is a serial murderer who is obsessed with "art". So he wants to kill people in a "beautiful" way. thus the "fireworks" and explosions, etc.
    However, all the purple/blue explosions and stuff is mostly from his "point of view", aka how he sees things as being beautiful (gotta admit, that last scene when he takes a bow is stunning). However in reality, all those are just normal explosions, and blood and the like, from the dead soldiers.

    The "Trapeze lady" is Camille. as Andre said, she's basically an android peacekeeper who's been trying to catch Jhin for a long time. One of her in-game abilities is to adapt her "armor" to match the last hit she received, which is represented by her eyes switching colors when she looked back at the first trap trigger. The ropes are basically grappling hooks she uses to maneuver around.

    One additional interesting tidbit, is that Jhin is obsessed with the number four. (I think it was said that it's because in Japanese/Chinese, the word four is similar to the word for death). This is reflected in various things (like how his name has 4 letters) but more importantly (and this is reflected in-game as well) his gun has a 4-shot magazine, and the 4th is a much more powerful shot. He also has a shoulder-mounted gun.

    Now go back and look, when he pulls out his gun (with flair). The side of the gun has 4 "lines", which represents the charges in his magazine. Throughout that fight, we saw him shoot 3 times. As he takes the bow and everything slows down, look at the gun again. The lines are red, showing he's now on his "high power" shot. He also perfectly aligned his shoulder gun with Camille.

    So he's basically certain of his victory.

    So much detail that is easily missed, yet you can still enjoy the video without understanding all of the above. Proof of a great video design. 🙂

  3. Jhin – The piano playing mass murderer.
    Camille – The cables out of her ass enforcer with blades for legs.
    Draven (DRAAAAAAAVEN) – The bored dude at the colloseum.
    Riven – The gladiator woman.
    Irelia – The red dressed woman with floating blades.
    Sion – The huge grey juggernaut.
    Karma – The woman who gave the shield to Irelia before she got smashed by Sion.
    Akali – The ninja woman who jumped onto Sion and threw bombs at his face.
    Yasuo (Trash-uo) – The weeb that made the hurricane with his sword.
    Kennen – Pikachu's cosplaying cousin who electrocute-bombed Sion.

  4. I agree that the next one should be warriors and then maybe “as we fall” that one is a bit more heavy but good and watch till the end. Another good one if you haven’t seen is “the curse of the sad mummy.” The singer is one of the directors of Arcane

  5. The Piano guy is Jhin, he is a little bit similar to Jinx but much more tactical. He is a meticulous criminal psychopath who believes murder is art. Using his gun as his paintbrush, he creates works of artistic brutality, horrifying victims and onlookers (i think they showed that pretty well with all the bombs that kill the enforcers with brutality but in his eyes it looks like art) . He gains a cruel pleasure from putting on his gruesome theater,.

  6. RISE is one of the most underrated league videos in my opinion. The song is great, the animation style is amazing, and the video actually tells a real story, chronicling the championship journey of one of the games original big name players.

  7. pls react to the neon trailer valorant, it's the best trailer of the game, it's a little bit of animation and gameplay but with the music it is really good.

  8. you guys will LOVE Light and Shadow, I am sure of it <3 hope you can react to that one ! also love all of your reactions !

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