Battlefield 2042 Love Letter FROM the Fans!

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Battlefield 2042 love letter from the fans. In this video I want to talk to you about Battlefield 2042 and not just mention problems with the game but also what I think they should have done with the game in the first place to make it a more enjoyable experience and what would have helped them keep a good player base. Let me know your thoughts about Battlefield 2042 in the comments and apologies about the rambling 😀

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  1. I know I rambled quite a bit in this one and some of the stuff I spoke about is old news but this is the first time I've compiled a big list of problems together so apologies. Feedback on how I could improve this style of content will be greatly appreciated 😀

  2. I enjoy your gameplay videos mainly because it looks like me playing? but I did find your channel from my recommendations with one of your 2042 rants. To me no matter what video you make I’ll still watch it because it always catches my attention

  3. You just keep doing what you are doing. I have been watching since the early Div2 days, you are battling on our behalf, that is one of your strengths. Make videos as long as you need, make as much money as you can, I want you to get rich and retire.

  4. Should have never included the Specialists neither. Should have just kept the traditional class soldiers..along with the traditional class system..

  5. Yes I've been watching a lot of rant videos lately with random footage with the content creator speaking. It's so easy to rant on bf2042 because the game is so terrible or hearing reports on how EA and DICE is making it worse….if that is even possible. 21kiloton for instance has been making great rant videos. Really, not even ranting just people honestly speaking about how bad the situation is and how bad the industry is right now I've been listening to.

  6. New Sub! I usually just listen to YouTube and very seldom watch! Maybe it’s just because I’m a old fart. But I’m not senile yet and remember BF 1945. Yes I’m one of those idiots that pre-ordered it but I’m not putting a single cent on game pass or skins.

  7. I'm enjoying these longer podcast type vids. I agree the only way we can get a proper Battlefield game is to stop playing 2042 and not spend money on any cosmetics or getting the season 1 pass. Move on too other games, let EA/Dice continue to dig there own grave. Even then who knows if we'll get another great Battlefield game. Start supporting games such as Insurgency Sandstorm, Hell Let Loose, WW3….ect…these Indie Developers seem to care more about the player experience. Great video Born 2 Game ?

  8. I don't understand how BF1 a game that came out 6 years ago now, looks better than 2042. Also BF1 servers are full now days, you have to wait in a queue to get into a game in North America at least.

  9. Homie, they lied about everything. Everything. We need to find something different to play because dice and battlefield just don’t exist anymore. Not like we know them.

  10. I like your style of videos. Just don’t turn into the rage YouTuber where you are screaming into the mic every five seconds. Also I liked the GTA shark card comment. Obviously at this point regardless of what happens with this game it is going to grossly underperform revenue expectations, real head scratcher.

  11. Glad I refunded it almost immediately. If they offered to pay me $59.99 to play it, I'd still give it a hard pass.

  12. All battlefield . Players should buy World War 3, there you will see what passionate developers do to they community

  13. I bought BF2042 only because i waited for years for a new BF and i am shocked. I have every BF game every one and play my ass off… I prefer to play WW3 i swear that those polish developers really do care about the community

  14. I deleted battlefield 2042 I watch your videos to support your channel I like a little BELIEVABLE game what you have always done I like your content.i have greatly decreased preordering.that said I did preorder dying light 2.( and i can't wait!)

  15. Thanks a lot for your videos B2G.
    I'm back to BF4 Premium on PS and there's a lot of full private servers and a lot of real fun!
    2042, what a dissapointment… they just killed BF.

  16. Is it possible for you to go back to The Ascent?

    There were a lot of updates since the last time you played.

    I found that if I just wandered around, I can get all sorts of weapons and mods not sold in the game.
    There's a mod that generates a dragon that puts nearby enemies in stasis. If you shoot them enough you get a messy explosion, and maybe a chain reaction. It's just lying there ready to be picked up, no boss fight or spending money.

    Also since I do bounties, I can upgrade my weapon so I can take on enemies with a higher level.
    Yeah, they will one shot you if you're not careful. The only grenade I use is the rejuv one that heals my char.

    I'd like to see you, and Pete tear through the gangs of Veles.

    If it's not your type of game, I understand.

  17. wow you made so many good points about the industry's standard. i wish i could refund my $120 on steam for 2042 cause i put about 16 hours in it and not even 4 hours of that were truly enjoyably/playable. it is the least played battlefield ive ever had. BFV i put at least 500 hours into before calling it quits completely and BF4 over 1200 hours

  18. We were all deceived. I feel so sorry for the gamers who think this is a Battlefield game. It is NOT! It is a hero-shooter that crashes all the time – with an insane amount of bugs. I'm the idiot who bought the marketing scam – gold edition… I was promised a real 18 wheeler – they took my money – and gave me a broken Tonka Toy truck.
    I play games to have fun, brain-park and relax. This game infuriates and depress an old fan who feels robbed, betrayed and deceived…
    We were all diced…

  19. They have lost alot of the Dev's they had after BF1.
    = they have no talent anymore.
    I am FED UP being Lied to by DEV's and Publishers (EA wankers ) The game is ahead of schedule, what planet are/were they on?
    4 Teams/ Studio's working on the game wtf.
    They have literally ensured that I will NEVER pre-order ANY game again!

  20. I honestly think the game has great potential, and certainly don't want it to fall. A few more maps, getting rid of the end of match quips ( who thought hearing the same thing 1000 times won't get annoying?) a scoreboard, and not spawning in front of enemy tanks or machine guns while they're firing! And I could live with it. Oh and maybe not having the Anti Armour grenade run off chasing something on the other side of the map when thrown at something right next to me.

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