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Call of Duty: Activision Wants To Release Next 3 Games on PlayStation – IGN Daily Fix

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On today’s IGN The Fix: Games,

The future of Call of Duty isn’t exclusive just yet. According to a new report, the next few annual Call of Duty releases are still set to be released on PlayStation. Sources familiar with Activision’s deal say for the next two years at least, Xbox will honor its commitments to release annual Call of Duty games on PlayStation. But when the acquisition is complete by 2022, Microsoft will examine the future of the franchise.

Crysis 4 is on its way, with developer Crytek putting out a teaser trailer following a leak on Chinese social media. The game is still early in development and “will be a while yet”.

A fan Resident Evil 4 HD remaster, eight years in the making finally, has a release date. Developed by just two people and rebuilt from the ground up, is based on the 2014 Ultimate HD version, each texture essentially being scaled up 8-16 times the original resolution and redrawn from there.

Narz has all that in your Daily Fix!


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  1. Bet you can guarantee that DLC will be released first to Xbox now though instead of Playstation first haha. If their games come to Gamespass, they're pretty much confirming my subscription for life

  2. Hope they space out the cod releases, the teams can have more time to work and do better stuff.

  3. If the games continue to be underdeveloped and rushed, idgaf what console they're on…

  4. Within 8 years COD will be exclusive on PC and Xbox, it will come to game pass eventually. U don’t spend about 69 billion not to make it exclusive. Microsoft thinking about the future they can take a couple hits financially there a trillion dollar company

  5. As long as Warzone 2 continues to be supported even after 2023, they can do whatever they like

  6. They should drop Warzone 2, bring back DLC instead of Seasons, Maybe bring back Supplie drops so they can make money, improve better Zombies maps with normal perks, Gobble Gums, and maybe a New Cast of characters and a New campaigns showing off Either the Cod ghost characters or continue on David mason story with a new main Villain.

  7. Hope they space out the cod releases, the teams can have more time to work and do better stuff.

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