Full PS5 PS3 Backwards Compatible Rumors Re-emerge | Horizon Forbidden West Preview Stun Fans

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Today we have more PlayStation and PS5 news, rumors and leaks to cover. Topics in this video include…

0:00 – Full PS5 PS3 backwards compatibility rumors re-emerge due to new discovery
4:14 – Horizon Forbidden West previews stun fans
9:45 – Gran Turismo 7 file size and possible delay
12:30 – SIFU file size and trophy list revealed

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  1. If sony and it's a big if , why won't they just announce it ? , Their shares now are in a bad place after the Activision acquisition by Xbox and this could help them alot , unless if they're releasing it extremely soon and don't want to spoil the surprise ?‍♂️.

  2. I can't wait to play horizon forbidden West Sony fans have soo much games to play this year is crazy for games damn dying light 2 GT7 god of war Ragnarok it's nuts I'm hearing about the Evil dead game and sifu in February oh man

  3. This misguided expectations is prob MS reverse marketing ? Like when Phill said Sony will release AAA games day-one even if Sony said that will be unsustainable for them. So I bet backwards compatibility is being spread by Uncle Phill and his covert marketing team :p

  4. Who gives a crap go buy a PS3 I didn't get my PS5 for stupid PS3 games I don't understand how people could give a crap about old gear when we have new consoles this is stupidity of millennials

  5. I've got PS1, PS2, and PS3 discs just waiting to be played.
    My Xbox does backwards Compatability. My Playstation should as well.

  6. Xbox just bought activision blizzard and all Sony has is rumors for backwards compat, something Xbox been doing since last gen. I thought nobody plays old games though?

  7. Extending BC to PS3 isn’t really a big deal, they have a ton of PS3 on PS Now and PlayStation store. It’s all about the PS1 and PS2

  8. With 2 very strong 1st party titles out next month I hope Sony can provide more ps5 consoles for those who don't have one yet

  9. Imagine if we still got new games like MGS4! What an amazing mix of fun, tactics, sex, and creativity. But to hell with that! More forced diversity and woke bs and you better like it! I wish I could someday play MGS4 on PS5 at higher res and 60 fps! Or at least steady 30 fps, it isn't a very smooth game on the PS3 after all.

  10. Cant wait for HFW!!!!! Ofc the shieldweaver will lose its power for the next game ? even if they use lore to explain why or not still it was meant to happen! If in the future there will be more Horizon games and HFW has also a version of shieldweaver watch it how the armor becomes the Sora of Kingdom Hearts (in each game starts back to lvl 1 ??)

  11. I know it’s a glitch but I think where there’s smoke there’s fire…once is coincidence, twice is not,, however big or small.

  12. Horizon Forbidden West and "GT7 are gonna be so fun for me. I can't wait to enjoy playing these on "PlayStation 5. Great video " MBG ??

  13. I honestly comes here just to dislike MBG fraud trash contents. I'm here with people who want to destroy this clown channel.

  14. Aw man I miss mgs4 so much. I need to play it again. It’s anybody’s guess what Sony is going to do with this revamped service they’re working on. One can dream.
    Horizon looks gorgeous, I can’t wait to play it. It looks like they went all out with it. Thanks for the vid MBG.

  15. Heads up, this is a public service announcement for all my peoples on here. I purchased the Western Digital Black NVME drive for my PS5 about three months ago. I got the 1TB because the 2TB was like $350. The price is down significantly now. So get the 2TB drive and buy a different heat sink. The more than $100 western digital heat sink is not necessary. Good luck to all my PS5 gamers. It is going to be rough trying to fit 2022 on these SSD’s.

  16. This is the real reason I choose Blu-ray over Digital Downloading because the file size just amazingly high in GB on these Next-generation systems ?

  17. I assume Nixxes has something to do with not only PC port, but also porting PS3 games to PS4 and PS5 for Spartacus.

  18. Okay lets be honest. Horizon is going to be game of the year. Guerilla went above and beyond for that one.

  19. The SPUs in PS3 are really hard to emulate since they run as fast as code running on a GPU does, but it has more flexibility than GPU compute. So you can't directly translate SPU instructions to the GPU as it's not flexible enough. A traditional CPU could emulate it, but it's not fast enough to do so at full speed. So some titles will simply not run correctly because your emulated SPUs are running at a fraction of the speed they do on the real hardware.

    The only possibility I can see for full backwards compatibility would be to run the SPU code on the Tempest Engine, which they use for 3D audio on the PS5. It's not actually an audio chip, it's a fully programmable unit designed to be a replacement for the SPUs which the PS4 lacked. It's a modified GPU compute unit with no cache and full read/write access to main system memory, which makes it very similar to the SPUs in PS3, but whether it's been modified enough to cover all the functionality needed to emulate the SPUs from the PS3 is something only Sony would know.

    I do think these glitches just indicate that Sony is making some changes on their back end though. I don't think this is indicative of anything that's coming, so don't get your hopes up. I don't personally think PS3 backwards compatibility is something that's going to happen, but I'll be really happy if they prove me wrong.

  20. I think the backwards compatibility is for Project Spartacus so that PS 1, 2 and 3 can be downloaded to PS4 and PS5 so you don’t need to stream!

  21. Dont get hopes up for ps3 BC really? just because you dont want it dosent mean other people dont , and says the person who talks for months over and over about SH being made by blue box , I find this funny .

  22. Did Sony go back on their word on Horizon Forbidden West? No mention of FREE PS5 upgrade on the PS4 store. It only mentions that it can be played on PS5 via backwards compatibility.

  23. Sony doesn't have to copy Microsoft. Xbox knew that they wouldn't have games for years so they doubled down BC. If Sony does BC then many people would not buy potential remakes due to fatigue

  24. The timing of all this is suspicious at least. I don't believe native emulation of PS3 is ever happening on PS5 though.

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