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I Tried Beating Dead Island With Only Throwables

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Dying Light 2 is available to pre-order now: https://wehy.pe/y/3/DanteRavioli #sponsored
Are any of you guys excited for Dying Light 2’s release? I’ve been looking forward to this game for years so I’m happy the time has finally come for it to come out. In the meantime, I hope you guys can enjoy some Dead Island content. I haven’t played this game on the channel but it’s from the same people who made Dying Light 2.

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Dead Island still holds up and I always have a great time playing it. There’s no parkour like there is in the Dying Light series, but that makes it all the more terrifying. If you want to see more Dead Island videos in the future, click the like button and tell me in the comments so I know whether to play this again.

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The Logan art on the thumbnail was taken from Golbeza on DeviantArt. Thank you!

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  1. Dying Light 2 is available to pre-order now: https://wehy.pe/y/4/DanteRavioli #sponsored
    The time has finally come boys, the game comes out on February 4th! I've been looking forward to this for years. You can see that I was even excited for the game over 2 years ago in my "without weapons" challenge. I don't think I'll be doing an entire gameplay of Dying Light 2, but I'll definitely play the first couple hours or something. And obviously I'll be doing loads of challenges on it too. I can't wait

  2. Still love the fact that depending on who you pick character wise, in lore, you have to have gotten insanely drunk due to the character having an altercation with themself somehow. Must've been some h e a v y alcohol.

  3. I'm most certainly not pre-ordering anything, given the recent quality of games. Nah, fuck that, I'll give it like 3 months

  4. Ok, this is one of my fav games of all times and the only game that it's really similar to Dying Light. Both are first person, post apocalyptic full of zombies with main and side missions, where you craft weapons and level up your character. Both are amazing and wish Dead Island 2 would come out like DL2, but it's been years of development, so I don't think it'll ever come out haha. I CAN'T WAIT FOR DL2 MAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!

    And just a tip for this video: if you throw a weapon, you deal a lot more damage, specially if it's a sharp one. Haha.

  5. I want DL2 buti dont hav ps5 and cant trust anything made at this point to play correctly on ps4 its just gotten to old but if it does play fine ill play friends and upgrade later

  6. I remember borowing this game from my cousin for a week I completed the game in 4 days (i had vacation) i just stopped playing to eat i was so into the action after the week i wanted to give it back but he told me i could have it it was the bundle so when i got back home i played the next?

  7. I did throwables only naturally just cause it’s a good strat w him, not to mention op with glitches, u get one good knife dupe it twenty times and just spray em at anything that bothers you

  8. At 7:00, the back is the weakness?! I've finished this game like 8 dif times and i never, not once, knew that was his weakspot. I always just thought they were innately weak to Minigun-Tesla-Homerun-Fireball-Shotguns and Homing-Nuclear-Devastator-Snipers

  9. I got a gaming challenge idea resident evil 4 vr default handgun and no merchant I feel like that would be pretty difficult since the default handgun is kinda sh** plz try this challenge

  10. The amount of times i threw stuff in this game (both OG and DE) can be counted on one hand lmao. Thats if you just consider only melee and not explosives. Though that skill Logan has with thrown weapons hitting all enemies is pretty neat. For those who want to play OG DI, but want pizzazz, i made a mod for it. Its on my page or you can search "Dead Island: Addition Edition". If u like what u see try it and lmk what you think. Thank you.

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