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NEW Dying Light 2 Trailer Breakdown, Secrets! Kyle Crane | New Gameplay 4K 60 (Dying Light 2 News)

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Kyle Crane IN DYING LIGHT 2! Full Breakdown Dying Light 2 Trailer | Full Analysis, Detailed (Dying Light 2 News)

This Dying Light 2 video will discuss Kyle Crane IN DYING LIGHT 2! Full Breakdown Dying Light 2 Trailer | Full Analysis, Detailed (Dying Light 2 News)

This Dying Light 2 channel covers New Dying Light 2 news, New Dying Light 2 updates and New Dying Light 2 gameplay! On OniZombies, you can expect me to Dying Light 2 Leaks and Dying Light 2 News. Dying Light 2 will be released on Feburary 4th, 2022. Feburary 4th is the Dying Light 2 Release Date. Dying Light 2 will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Additionally, subscribe for more Dying Light 2 content, I cover Dying Light 2 every week on this channel. When Dying Light 2 is released I will be sure to cover it. Stay tuned. Good Night and Good luck!

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Kyle Crane IN DYING LIGHT 2! Full Breakdown Dying Light 2 Trailer | Full Analysis, Detailed (Dying Light 2 News)
Kyle Crane IN DYING LIGHT 2! Full Breakdown Dying Light 2 Trailer | Full Analysis, Detailed (Dying Light 2 News)

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  1. Sorry to say this out of the blue, but I'm so glad that you're in the DL community. It's been about a year, but you've been posting helpful content and news and just crushing misinformation left and right. I'd like to say that I represent the community when I saw that we appreciate your dedication 😀

  2. spoilers ahead from DL1 Following, not sure i'd say Crane has to be dead, with how the Mother or whatever her name in the following was. She basically made him just like her so never know

  3. The lipsyncing being bad that people are complaining about kinda irritates me. Lipsyncing in different languages is almost never good because it's usually synced to the English dialgues, yet you rarely see us complain about it. But the one time that it's 'bad' for english speakers, it's suddenly a big deal…. Kinda lame ngl. But i still like your videos tho so keep up the good work!

  4. I think hes a saintian volatile Just like the all mother in the following And you get to meet himCall Crane and a lot of characters are returning to dying light You will Be able to revisit areas from the original game as well

  5. As someone who speaks and plays in French, I always had issues with lip syncing so it doesn't bother me at all.

  6. Would be cool if Krane does show up out of no where during the story!! I think he’ll have more to do with this story than TechLand is letting on but we’ll see.

  7. If you look at Waltz' hands when he's fighting it's very similar to how crane's hands are at the end of the following after he's consumed the vial and is fighting the mother when he's closest to turning, the mother also fights with her hands in a similar way so that could mean that some of the vials survived and Waltz found a way to use them to enhance people to that state without turning or something along those lines

  8. We can confirm kids are in dying light 2 I know people wanted to know

    The FBI: Whatchu mean by dat? heh heh heh

  9. I have a strong feeling that the man mentioning Crane is indeed Spike. The voice is too similar, man I hope some dying light 1 characters return, the nostalgia would be perfect but sad knowing we will never see crane again 🙁

  10. Only thing looks weird is the running animation there is no camera shaking like on other games mirrors edge, Cyberpunk 2077, fallout 4

  11. Oni do you think that Aiden’s sister might have gone too far in the mutation and she might have already turned into a zombie? And not just a normal zombie something like mother from the following where she can talk and control other zombie types and depending on the choices you make you might have to fight her?

  12. The only thing that sucks about what I'm about to say, is you saying techland said nobody from 1 will be in 2… and when dude mentioned crane, I got ta thinkin… if someone WERE to turn, they WOULD be talked about in that context still… because the ACTUAL crane is gone, but the INFECTED crane could STILL be out there… and what if… we run into him as the INFECTED CRANE????… but again… what techland said

  13. just think about it, crane isnt the type of guy to blow everything up. He wanted to help people, save his friends most of all. The him turning into the night hunter ending is cannon

  14. Hey oni i hv some question actually and i think i overlook it…so,the question is will the dlc story hv some additional map?like when the following dlc came out its a brand new map and story..so i curious abt it in dl2…next question,how many dlc story will be there..what i mean is the additional story to the main story..like maybe [email protected]…hope u can consider answer it

  15. So two things…
    1. Thought there were no cars in Dying Light 2
    2. Thought there were no guns in Dying Light 2

  16. Any news on the Night Hunter? This game cannot possibly be better than DL1 without the Night Hunter option.

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