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SHOULD You Play Dying Light Before Dying Light 2?

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Should you play dying light before Dying Light 2 stay human? Dying Light is about to turn 8yrs old tomorrow and with that Dying Light just received a brand new event a week before dying light 2 stay humans full release I wanted to address 2 big questions ive been seeing as of late and give my 2 cents on whether you should play dying light before dying light 2 stay human.

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  1. Still love this game, dropkicking zombies off buildings, exploding arrows on voilitles making them go higher than buildings ?, for ppl reading definitely still worth getting

  2. It was worth replay for playing a game to familiarize open world parkour game Dying Light is def fun yep guys thanx Cynical for another 1 DL2 you all want it!!

  3. I actually never played the original. I just saw the E3 video and have been following it since. So I pre-ordered it. I do know the story of the first game so I hope that's all it need.

  4. Me and my friend in 2019 spent an entire night dedicated to killing zombies in the coffee shop you unlock from gazi’s side quest. We pretended we were store owners and the volatiles were angry customers, now me and him have spent over 200 hours in co-op and we are ready to play DL2

  5. You want my favorite moment in this game, aight then.
    I was driving around on the following on the gentleman's difficulty of hard, in the middle of the night to reach the gas station with bilal while playing with a bunch of friends who were at the gas station. On the way there I ran over a volatile and didn't think much of it. Fast forward about 2 minutes later. I didn't realize the chase level was now 3 as I was being idle brained. I made it to the gas station and got out of my buggy. I heard a volatile scream so I turned to look where it came from, and what do I see? It was around 10-15 volatile closing in on me with one of them mid pounce. Lets just say I died there, but that's not the end of the story.
    After I respawned I immediately drank a resistance booster and jumped back in to slaughter them while my friends (who were still relatively low leveled compared to me) were doing the same thing. After about a 10 minute fight with what I want to say is about 30-40 volatile deaths, night ended. But it's not over yet.
    After sitting for about a minute laughing our asses off I heard a roar behind me, so yet again I turn around to be fucking rammed into the side of my buggy by a demolisher who just fucking materialized out of thin air walks out from behind one of the cars in the road (I think it was a van). I was out of ammo in my shotgun and I believe my friends were too, so we ended up having to go toe to toe in melee combat with it. But this one really fucking likes charging. He ended up downing the lowest level friend with a rock while me and my other friend go in for the kill. After what felt like 12 minutes we finally had a break in the action.
    Let's just say we laughed for a solid 10 minutes over it and I couldn't stop chuckling about it for the next 5-7 days.

  6. I loved the grind in dying light tbh, it was always fun and it flew by before you knew it you were grinding out legend ranks, when they came out ofc.

  7. I've basically platinumed the first game 3 times and I'm still always down to play it again. If anyone wants to do a playthrough with me, let me know. I also can't wait to play DL2! Thanks for the vid!

  8. you should play Dying Light because it's an awesome fucking game, im assuming there will also be references to people or things that happened in the original

  9. Of course you should. First game is great and you can get it really cheap now. But i can also see DL2 beeing completly new story.

  10. i say yeah dying light is worth playing if you didn't play it so you can see how it is before the big dying light 2

  11. I just bought dying light a month ago and didn’t even know dying light 2 was coming out. I’ve beaten it, and literally just last week found out dying light 2 was coming out and I’m so excited.

  12. My Favorite Part of The First Game Was When I Glitched In 100,000,000 Dollars And Gave Some To People Who Were New Plus I Still Do It To This Very Day But as Always…"Good Night, And Good Luck"

  13. Ya I’ve got almost a thousand hours into dying light. One of my favorite memories from that game is when me and my cousin were seeing who could climb to the top of the bridge the fastest, and we got all the way to the top, and my cousin slipped off and fell onto a police van and took no damage. Kind of a small thing, but a great memory from the laughs we had in that one moment because of the sheer ridiculousness of the whole thing. I’m so excited for the sequel.

  14. Short answer: yes , its just a really good game and it will improve your understanding of refferences to it that appear in dying light 2.
    (Not that short is it?)

  15. My favorite thing to do was finishing the game and keep staring from the first mission I finished the game over 20 times
    I can’t wait for dying light 2

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