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World of Warcraft 2 In Unreal Engine 5 ?

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World of Warcraft 2 in Unreal Engine 5 would look amazing and we have proof for that! But it’s not always just about the looks, how would world of warcraft 2 gameplay be in a brand new engine, would there be a brand new talent system? New abilities? Sky’s the limit and until we get an official world of warcraft 2 cinematic with the announcement, it’s all speculating here so join MarcelianOnline in todays On Cooldown for a different type of wow news 🙂

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  1. It looks rly good but the only thing is the weapon tracing effect. Reminds me to much of Diablo.

    Also I have to agree with what another person said is them bringing the game to console. It might still be a bit for a console to be able to handle unreal engine 5 for wow.

  2. Always liked how much production was used in wow trailers, always thought they were so sick, always wondered why they didnt they just make the movie in that style. But the game looks sick in unreal engine, but yeah higher spec pc's would be needed unless they finally bring wow to console.

  3. We would love the fluid combat that wow has if we do this. Not worth it. Combat is the only thing that sets it apart from other mmo's

  4. nope blizzard is still making to much money milking whats left of the wow player base.

    keep buying those wow tokens and paying for carries you will never get wow 2…lol.

  5. Dont forget that with the unreal you need ti w8t all the animation to finish befor you do smething else… Wow is what it is cuz you can move and do what you want on the moment. There is alot of games with it that came out over the years but i dont hear much from them to this day… I mean there is FF14 atleast for the next couple of years go play that leave WoW engine as it is( i mean Lineage 2 had its boom long ago xD with its better city graphicks compare to WoW but i dont see much of it to date) sorry for the grammar i'm rusty in writing xD

  6. Even though I've stopped playing wow due to relative recent downtrend in its quality, I still check out your content. Great job guys!

  7. Man I would love to see my orc death knight in unreal engine summoning ghouls and slashing a pack of mods with that realistic look to it

  8. I 100% agree they need a clean slate. Don't really know if I agree with being able to transfer your character over though. If it's a new world i think they should stay separate, makes it easier. This axel guy needs a job though, he's incredibly talented. Thanks for the video guys!

  9. Looks good and I like the updated movement and combat, wow style has grown stale and really has aged compared to new games coming out.

  10. will never happen, WoW makes to much money with something they dont have to recreate. If you all stop playing it then maybe.

  11. Unreal engine or "trying to make games look as realistic as possible" is the video game graphics equivalent of changing substance for style. It's a pointless exercise in vanity by those too creatively stunted to come up with an original art style. It's downright offensive to me how anyone can look at WoW, a game which has been carried by its art team for seventeen years and think it would be better if all of its flavor and charm was replaced with money.

  12. I'd like to see them do something similar to God of War but in the Diablo universe. I love wow but I think a dark gritty mature single player game would be an awesome change in pace. A warcraft one would be awesome too especially if it was mature rated and you played an orc warrior. Fighting dreani other clans working your way through the dark portal.

  13. This coven doesn’t need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug.

    We don’t need a 2.0. We need a better game designer. Fuck Ion Haz-been-kost-us-millions

  14. The only way I would be okay with a wow 2 is if the villain in wow 1 wins and all of our characters canonically die. And then a new generation of heroes must rise from collecting bear asses to killing the next big bad. Nothing in wow has consequences because our characters are titan killing eternal one slaying whatever the fucks now

  15. It is more likely if WOW2 were developed, it would be in the Unity Game Engine as this is Microsoft's platform. It could be used to showcase the capability of that engine.

  16. I'm glad you guys made a video about this! I remember my last comment about a WoW 2 as an option, and you guys not really hyped about it 🙂
    There are many many possibilities, even for the game engine (I'm sure they have their own lol). Can't wait to see a system that makes me feel when I started playing WoW right before WOTLK

  17. I would love an adventure game with a third person view like you are showing. In the Starcraft universe too actually. But a MMO, I don't know. I kind of like the cartoony WoW as it is. Sure, the old models of the props and characters could be enhanced, but I am not really fond of a realistic MMO.

  18. @MarcelianOnline word up and much love<3 – Im all inn for a WoW2, and I really hope it happens, My question to you two would be: How do you feel about them "remaking" the original game from scratch because blizz has always been about Easter eggs and "remaking" used content, also they have had "good practice" with making classic wow :P, I think it would be awesome from both sides Consumers / Corporate and that my friends is GOOD BUISNESS as we all know <3

  19. UE5 is a terribly optimized engine, remaking the game in it would not only make wow look like EVERY other cheap indie game out there, wow would lose it's soul and it's artstyle, wow is a mechanically refined MMO, changing it into clunky skyrim-esc combat would suck ass, no thanks, i'd just rather get a good expansion for once thank you

  20. WoW will never go to this style. Half the playerbase would lag constantly. If you want something like that just play GW2.

  21. I like the graphics in WoW how they are now. They do need to update old textures and models to make them more pleasing. I wouldn't want WoW to be ported to UnrealEngine.

  22. It would make wow in a whole different bracket if they actually did this it would be epic it would bring players back I will say this the only way to get a wow 2 a better wow is to get the community to un sub and get them on there toes hire this guy axle and get a good team on it there would be a lot of transferring all players items,mounts ,achievements etc it can be done will take time but will make more money then current wow would ever make in a life time

  23. I quest to level but the only questing that I remember from childhood that was so hype was getting my cloud serpent mount from being exalted!

  24. this would be the worst thing to happen to wow. the amount of money u got to spend to even load this game is ridiculous, to add, imagine playing a shaman who has probably the most visuals of all, ur computer would literally crash. now add on wow servers, those collapse if u have 41 people in a raid, they barely manage to hold a 40 man raid without the servers crashing. for the love of god, dont update the graphics blizzard

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