Xbox in February 2022 – Your Essential Preview | Elden Ring, Dying Light 2, Warhammer 3 and more!

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And just like that, February is on its way, and with it comes an absolutely stacked months when it comes to new Xbox games fresh …


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  1. Definitely grabbing Dying Light 2, but not at full price. Wish it was coming to the Xbox ecosystem.?

    But yea stacked month.

  2. I am looking forward for the announcement of Elder Ring on Xbox Game Pass day one. After that Activision deal anything is possible.

  3. All those games are great, but I am looking at game pass deals for the Series S, crossfire X would be great in February, maybe bringing Fifa 2022 and BF 2022 to game pass this Spring? I think activision-blizzard games would be perfect for online multiplayer, which is ultimate main purpose for me.

  4. Overpriced and unfinished are what we call new releases now. What's the point of buying games on day 1 when they are not complete and full of bugs? Wait a year for the Ultimate Remastered edition aka the full game.

  5. For people who are hype for dying light 2 be careful they have yet to show console gameplay and the game is a few days away. You don’t wanna buy another cyberpunk

  6. Titan fall 3, gta 6, pubg2, Red Faction Guerrilla 2, Iron Brigade remaster.
    Xbox im 40 n these r the games i want to buy for the OLED.

  7. Woohooo my birthday month ?????. Also is elden ring on game pass then?? Please say yes ??. And elden ring is definitely the one I'm waiting for the most.

  8. Elden ring overrated.. souls, bloodbourne, sekiro.. all trash games. I only beat the 1st darksouls cus everyone was going on how hard it is. It is hard.. but that doesnt make it enjoyable. Just challenging.

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