Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Task Force One Pack (pre-order bonus)

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Hi, my name is Ghost 141 and in this video we will be taking or showcasing the following:

Call of Duty Vanguard Task Force One Pack (pre-order bonus)

#Vanguard #Warzone #Callofduty

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  1. Kinda excited for skins this year

    Since they are doing a “more outlandish take on ww2” they aren’t restricted to just the mainstream uniforms and such of the time

    Let’s see where this goes I say

  2. So the other skins like the winter one for polina is for ultimate edition, so even if buy it later by Christmas i can still get it?

  3. Yeah love the polina winter skin and Didn’t got any tracer but still got the Gunsmiths My stg doesn’t shot tracers

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