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Call of Duty: WARZONE 2 FULLY EXPLAINED… (Warzone 2: Next Gen Only, Gameplay Changes & More)

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It sounds weird… But Warzone 2 is a thing and it’s coming. Warzone 2 was “revealed” by industry insiders recently in corroboration of other information regarding the Microsoft acquisition of Activision. In discussing the future plans for games and what that means for the partnership with Sony that currently exists and the games still to come, Warzone 2 got inadvertently revealed as one of the games coming that are still under the Sony and Activision partnership. We expected COD 2022, rumored to be Modern Warfare II, we expected COD 2023, rumored to be a Black Ops project developed by Treyarch, but Warzone 2 in 2023 was something not many may have considered, but it makes tons of logical sense. When the current Warzone is tethered to a game and hardware that is quickly becoming outdated, the only logical way for the game to continue to grow and expand and push its boundaries is to become its own standalone executable file, application and standalone game. That’s exactly what Warzone 2 looks to do. Today we’re breaking down Warzone 2 and everything you need to know in regards to what’s been revealed. Stick around on the channel for more Modern Warfare II content and the inevitable continued news regarding Warzone 2 in the near future. This is: Call of Duty: WARZONE 2 FULLY EXPLAINED… (Warzone 2: Next Gen Only, Gameplay Changes & More)!

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  1. I’m all for call of duty if it stays multi platform indefinitely. I hope the xbox/Activision deal doesn’t go though it’s not good for all gamers.

  2. Making it next gen only was a bad move… in my opinion it would be better for the game to work on every console. Probably not gonna happen so I'm boutta start saving for a next gen console! The whole thing about weapons not being integrated is not rlly good tho. It sounds like Warzone 2 is going to be a very contested game in terms of player base opinion

  3. Not like it’ll matter. Most people use older consoles and don’t have the $1000 to upgrade. At least all the sweats will leave regular warzone ?

  4. ive bought things specifically for warzone, of skins and operators dont transfer that would be the one thing to hold me back

  5. Hot take: Lots of mechanics in COD is outdated. Specifically attachments and how they affect movement/mobility etc. Which in reality makes little to no sense at all. IRL my standard 15 round pistol magazine is no heavier than my 30 round magazine. It doesn't limit my movement in any way shape or form so it doesn't make sense for a game to lower stats due to attachments. COD LOVES its operators so why not come up with a way to "workout" with your operator.? Why not give incentive to "workout" your operator and have it benefit in the form of mobility, control etc.? To ensure people come back and keep working out their operators those statics of mobility, control etc. let them have a baseline and the more you put in the more you get out. Haven't played in a while.? Now those stats are back to baseline and you're now "rusty" as you would be IRL if you stopped doing anything for a period of time and came back to it later.

  6. I'm hoping they nerf the loadout system because it really takes away from the randomness of the BR experience and makes every game about meta-loadouts. Maybe making random perks into ground loot, making loadout drops rarer or just dropping one crate for every 4 squads or something like that. I haven't come back to warzone since MW2019 because everyone is a super sweat, there's little to no variation, it just isn't fun for casual players anymore.

  7. This is ridiculous because we need to buy a next generation console I don’t know if anyone in the higher ups at Microsoft realizes that next generation consoles are almost impossible to find and reasonable buy.

  8. Console FOV slider in 2024 lol. I’ve already stopped playing Warzone for a month and a half. I’ll never go back until they have iron trials as a permanent mode / a ranked mode and XBX console FOV. I’m having way too much fun in apex, destiny 2, halo infinite and gears 5 to play stuck in the mud 80 FOV hackzone. All the games I listed have FOV sliders and next Gen updates other than apex which has their FOV slider but next Gen upgrade coming within weeks. Warzone is a shit show.

  9. Call of Duty: WARZONE 2, when it comes I hope it does not have bugs no other problems. But many will buy it anyway and players will be disappointed

  10. You mentioned blur! BLUR IS AWESOME. Very fun powered up racing game. So good. Too bad activision got rid of bizarre creations studio.

  11. Think about this, MWII is most likely going to have every gun from MW2019 plus whatever guns are going to be new in MWII… the camo grind is going to be horrendous

  12. To monopolize the industry wouldn`t that mean they would be the number one gaming company ?. But in reality they will still only be number 3 with Sony No1 and Tencent No2.

  13. Changes are part of everyday life, its all good for a while unless someone screws things up. Warzone 2 standalone feels kind of refreshing atm

  14. If this is the case I want ACR and the Intervention, and Warzone 2 should stay Warzone 2, only buffs and nerfs to guns, no guns from other eras. No ww2 or Cold War weapons. I somewhat ok with how the did it with MWR

  15. Thats thé thing to do. Fresh start from 0. But maybe it is too late and the community will stop playing soon and never come back.

  16. I hope crossplay only in consoles, pc cheaters left alone

    And i play in pc, but i will go to console… anti cheat doesnt result

    Warzone 2 fingers cross to happen this

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