Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 (Leaked)

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  1. they could do a warzone with black ops movement an one with mw movement i like the black ops franchise more just saying thts why i dont play warzone its to heavy

  2. ._. I’m not getting MW2 and not playing warzone. I got college to finish and taking a year off of cod but I’ll be getting the treyarch next cod game.

  3. I think if I'm saying this map right I think it was terminal they had in modern warfare 2 I hope they bring them back

  4. Bro, this warzone 2 thing gon flop. Unlike s*x 2 by the ceo of s*x, that will be more popular than warzone 2

  5. Honestly I’m sick of call of duty going back in time it’s boring and it looks stupid they need another bo3 or 4 cod game

  6. warzone and mw is gonna suck my question is microsoft gonna be done with this mw every game copys mw bs where its battlepass and shop and mw engine and seasonal prestige u want them to go back to the old cod system

  7. I don’t think they’ll do call of duty exclusive for Xbox, but they’ll for sure have exclusive updates or bundles for Xbox just how it was for PlayStation.

  8. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. On some real shit they just need to make a universal cod game…one game all the guns, maps and WZ maps.
    like it kinda pisses me off with all the work I put in to the weapons i like to use I want to use I dont just have to do it all over again in the next game.
    Sure the story modes are cool but ffs my progression should be my progression. When that new cod drops there goes all my weapon skins i worked for or paid for…like wtf is that? its so shit I liked WZ because I can use my guns from the other game it looked like WZ was going to be like a central hub for CoD BR.

  10. I don't really care about a remastered of any game just want some throwback maps and stuff and throw that weapons of course I want the my favorite weapon I forgot what it's called but I think everyone used it but yeah that's what I wanted I'm kind of wish I can remastered but hey if they can throw back a lot all the map but send ask new weapons but keep some old weapons from modern warfare 2 I would love that just like call of duty if you can give us throwback zombie maps and some multiplayer maps but we pretty much had all of them we just need some zombie maps I'll be happy I don't care about remasters I think it's better the graphics anyways in the New movement is better

  11. Cant wait for new treyarch game this so far sounds like a good turn for cod franchise.?? all im hoping it will continuous to release on playstation!

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