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Can I say META-GAME in Evrima?

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These are just my opinions on what kind of meta-game ”Evrima-The Isle” currently has. Can I call it meta-game? Probably wrong… or not.

The Isle DevBlog#20 for December – HAPPY HOLIDAYS:
The Isle – Update #4 Now Released! – Steam News:

Subsistence. Update 4 Official trailer:

The Official The Isle Discord server at:

Join this channel to get access to perks:

Work in progress and NOT accurate Evrima dinosaur stats and growths:

Evrima bug report form:

Vulnona Isla Spiro interactive map:

New Trello roadmap:

Full Evrima guide made by Oslo at:

My Discord server work in progress, Gabriele’s, feel free to join:

The Isle officially on Reddit at this link:

Common issues help at:

Please, like, share and subscribe, thank you.

How to install Evrima:
Evrima is a beta update. All of The Isle is beta, but Evrima will not start downloading on its own. Players will need to initiate the update on their own.
Right click The Isle in your games.
Select Properties.
Click the Beta tab on the far right.
Click the drop down menu.
Select Evrima.
Select Properties.
Click the Beta tab on the far right.
Click the drop down menu.
Select Evrima.


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  1. Although I agree with the two tier gameplay, I do not see the developers investing in such a model. I believe that they will leave it up to those players that host the servers. Most likely it will be some settings to reduce AI difficulty and removing certain payables. The rest would just be rulemaking.

  2. Wish they had 'Death Match' in Enerma like in Legacy.
    As a new player to Enerma and no friends to play with it is very difficult to grow, much less to find somone to help teach me to learn mechanics.
    Death Match would be good where people can play all ages of dinos and just play araund to get use to the different playing style for each dino.

  3. I can't seem to get to The Isle Trello roadmap today — weren't they updating it today? Does anyone have a link?

  4. Dryo would be great at pestering other playables but it has some sort of a hitbox issue. You can literally stand on people and not hit them. I used to think I'm just bad at hitting people, but no, I can hit people as a hypsi better than as a dryo. Idk if it was like that always, but I do feel like I have been dying more for things I would have survived back in the day.

    I think that the hours is kindofa complicated thing. I got like idk somewhere in between 1200-1500 hours split in between evrima and legacy. ( been kinda just stalling now since PoT) I started with evrima till I got bored so vast majority is from evrima but most people it's the other way around. And legacy skills do not directly translate to evrima. Path of Titans is like legacy updated but even that doesn't translate that well.

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