Days Gone (PS5) – Part 19

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  1. Tyrone the reason why deacon lied was to keep garret from knowing about the camps up north and also about him and Sarah. You seen how he reacts to everything. Garret killed everyone in Lisa town that didn't get away. Every place the militia went the destroyed and raveged. He would of thought Sarah was a spy if Deacon told him she was his wife at the beginning. I wouldn't of told the truth either being a veteran

  2. Kouri is just amazing character, I hoped he got a sequel or dlc in Reno and we fight with him or alongside him. But never happens. Got this game day one and do 2 times, difficult and survey 2. Survey change the game cos enemies are more aggressive and no fast travel. Delightful and so underrated at release, even despite patches come quickly to fix bugs but a masterpiece to me.

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