Dota 2

Dota 2 (Turbo) on MacBook Pro 14"

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The key binding need to adjust before play the game. if not it might be crash during in game.

MacBook spec :
10 core CPU
16 core GPU
16 GB unified memory

background music from :

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  1. so this is playable for you right? planning to buy macbook (cause the battery) and the same spec as you are , im writting something while im on journey but also DOTA is life haha…last time i play dota on macbook 2015 its playable then after 1,5 year its became trash

  2. please do a battery drain test on light use (no editing programs) watching videos, writing text and surfing. how long will it last plz

  3. Nice video! What video settings did you use? I didn’t see any stuttering or input delay watching on Youtube, did you notice something like that during your play?

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