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Dying Light 2 Delayed For Nintendo Switch | Cloud Version For Dying Light 2 Delayed | News 2022

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Dying Light 2 Delayed For Nintendo Switch | Cloud Version For Dying Light 2 Delayed | News 2022

We have received some news related to Dying Light 2 on Switch being delayed.

Sources –

IGN: https://www.ign.com/articles/dying-light-2-switch-release-delayed
Games radar: https://www.gamesradar.com/dying-light-2-switch-version-delayed-up-to-six-months/

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  1. poor Nintendo players. I’m glad I’m a console player no need to worry about a delay. The game is almost here and will be on our hands

  2. I'd Have question is my specs
    i7 7700 4.2GHZ Overclocked (CPU)
    RX 580 8gb (Card)
    16 GB ram Is it gonna possible to play DL2 with atleast 60fps at medium?

  3. hey ali do you know if the dlc included with the deluxe and ultimate preorder bundles will be available seperataly later on without having to buy the more expensive bundles?

  4. Ali Im a big fan of you man i have been watching you're videos since you uploaded a dying light hyper mode and drop attacks! and oh also they said a free demo will also be available right? like is that removed or?

  5. That's why you have a PC and only PC.

    Stop the console nonsense; it's just an eternal loop of exclusive bs that none of us wants.

    I'm all for console controllers, but console exclusivity and console performance issues needs to be exterminated; they're bad for the market and bad for the industry.

    Which basically mean that PC versions usually gets screwed over and becomes less impressive to be the "same" version that consoles can run and I'm NOT for that AT ALL.

    So STOP IT.

  6. Bruh DL2 is not gonna run for switch XD. If it can barely run on PS4 and Xbox1 switch can NOT handle it.

  7. The game itself already looks heavy and demanding, especially for the Nintendo Switch. And in fact, as I noticed, even 1 part with a little friezes goes on the Switch.
    But the most important thing is that Techland WANT us not to be upset about the game. Yes, it's a transfer, but they do it for the good.

  8. This delay may also cause a little delay for the propably upcoming story DLC because most of the devs are going to be occupied to work with that cloud version…

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