Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 in a Nutshell

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Here’s a little DL2 Meme for ya! (“We’re not making light of suicide, and find the topic serious, but wanted to make a lighthearted fun poke at the serious themes within the dark world of Dying Light 2.”)

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Nathanael Platier

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  1. Jonah Scott you probably won't see this but you are a hero in my eyes and you were meant to be the voice of the main protagonist I am happy you were blessed with that opportunity and to have learned you are extremely talented and caring for the game is outstanding thank you for being my Aiden caldwell ❤

  2. Yo is it true they fired multiple writers for the story if so will the story suck I play games for the story gameplay comes second

  3. I still remember when I first got a trailer for the game and I was like where do I know that voice

    Then I was like wait that can’t be…

  4. I just want to thank you for being an amazing actor and content creator. You are the Main reason i have bought dying light 2, and why i cant stfu about it. Please never stop being funny

  5. Been a big fan of yours since SM: the Otome
    Fell in love with your magical voice.
    I'm so proud of all the roles in animu and vidja gams you've been getting Jonah, hope this isn't you killing my sweet bb Q.Q Damien… jk I know they're different Damiens.
    To all the Bigger and Brighter things ahead Friend!

  6. If I remember correctly if you threaten to jump to then he won't do it. Because he feels responsible for all those deaths the idea of adding another snaps him out of it.

  7. You sound like an amazing voice actor in DL2. You should try to convince techland to let me play it a little early lol. I’ve had it pre ordered since day 1 and I’m excited to see the story you take us on. Thanks for being amazing Jonah and keep up the great work

  8. This is exactly how I like to roleplay these kinds of games. Not as a bad guy but not always a goody two shoes. I think it's more interesting like that and I get to see the hard work devs put into these less chosen options 🙂

  9. Do you have any tips to get into the voice acting business or whatever because I really want to but I have absolutely no clue in how to even start

  10. i never thought of it but will there be love interests in this game? and since its a choice based one would there be multiple?

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