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Dying Light 2 – Parkour Interview with Techland (G REACTS)

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Check out the latest developer interview, Dying 2 Know More with G
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It’s been a long and winding road but Dying Light 2 is only one week away from release. I dug through the Techland archives and they actually put a lot of work into reigning in the marketing mess I think they created that didn’t help with players disappointment to the games several release date delays. Personally, I’m all for developers taking more time to make the best game they can BUT they gotta pay investors or at the very least, make a product that can pay itself off and hopefully much much more. After my reconnaissance, I’m feeling MUCH better about what I think the game will be like and am very excited to watch the latest ‘Dying 2 Know More’ interview with you where the lead game designer talks about the games Parkour. Let’s GO!



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Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-
Music: G & Hawkeye
Animations: Rich Bowen
GG Logo: Kent Swendseid
Music: NOTT
NOTT – The Wretched Sounds

Green Screen Animation during coffee materializing: GreenScreenBrazil

Red Curtain Opening Sequence Animation by: Miklós Kemecsei (kemecsei.com). Youtube channel can be found at – Miklos
Note: Original sequence altered for formatting purposes

Everything Else: G


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  1. so there is a stamina bar but they changed it. You dont lose stamina while sprinting but you lose it while climbing and jumping and in combat, so you have to choose your next action carefully.

  2. OK I am happy to see they are doing cool stuff with the parkour, it was really fun in the first game. I still can't believe they are removing all firearms, I really was hoping to snipe clear and mod some crazy guns in this one. Oh well, I do hope the story is better in this one and there's no console game button press sequences during boss fights. The last fight with Rais was so disappointing and frustrating as hell.

  3. 100% ready to no life this if all signs point to it being at least as good as the first. Looking forward to your review!

  4. Good video bro. Can't wait to roam this game's world in all peace when it launches later this week.
    FYI TheRadBrad will start his playthrough on Tuesday. ?

  5. I loved the first Dying Light, I just wished it had more firearms and better gunplay so I was a bit disappointed to hear all the talk about reducing the guns even more. Also these interviews remind me of the ones the Cyberpunk developers did and we know how that game turned out – I hope Techland manages to push through as the one AAA game these days that doesn't release as a flop

  6. Such an enjoyable video! That was some funny shit with the guys expression. Just listening to him makes you want to try the game. He is obviously sincere and cares about his work.

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