Call of duty vanguard

Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop | GTX 1650 | i5 9300 CPU | Vanguard Test

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Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop | GTX 1650 | i5 9300 CPU | Vanguard Test

Hp Pavilion Gaming laptop GTX 1650 | i5 9300 CPU | 16GB RAM | 256GB SSD

In this Video I’m testing Call of Duty Vanguard on Low/High
setting on the Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop! We got 90-100FPS
Solid With Smooth Gameplay!

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Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop!

8GB RAM Upgrade

Laptop Cooling Pad

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Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop

8GB RAM Upgrade

2070 Super Graphics Card

Ryzen 3800x

My Recording Mic ATR2500 Audio-Technica

My Setup- RTX 2070 Super | Ryzen 3700X | 16 GB RAM | 165Hz Monitor

Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop Setup- GTX 1650 | i5 9300 CPU | 16GB RAM| 256GB SSD
and a 60Hz Monitor
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  1. What is the maximum memory ram can i put in this bad boy. Can i put 16gb of ram or is it limited to 8gb ram.

  2. It's a really great laptop I was surprised how good it runs. On lowest I was getting over 120 and with graphics set to high I received 70 fps and over.

  3. I’m about to switch from ps4 to this lap here to mainly play vanguard on it was wondering where you downloaded your vanguard from ? Very new to the pc world. Been on consoles for years

  4. Hey Fatal Reaper, are you over clocked in your hp pavilion? I have the ryzen 5 4600h version and I am only seeing 60 FPS on my game.

  5. I have the same laptop, we've talked in other videos I believe in your Cold War videos in regard to the cooling fan. If you havent tried undervolting your CPU using ThrottleStop give it a try. Cold War was running around mid to high 80s and after undervolting I got it down to high 60s low 70s. If you want it can also walk you through the setting that Im currently using since we have the same laptop

  6. I was looking for a laptop just to play vanguard well I’m on vacation or something and so far this looks good but do you have to have. direct x 12 to play

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