SONY BUYS BUNGIE! The Internet Reacts, Destiny Exclusive? US Govt. Critical of Xbox Activision Deal!

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★ Bungie, developer of Destiny 2, has been purchased by Sony for $3.6 Billion, we discuss what this mean for both companies & the very clear acquisition war between Xbox & Sony! ★
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  1. Hopefully with Sony involved Bungie’s customer service will improve. I’ve been unable to make purchases in their store since September 2021. No one in the forums care to help and the service tickets number above 85K.

  2. Laughing at your ponies even a guy that's doing this videos talking about supposed so I got finesse out of 3.6 billion and they still are independent company I guess you're going to try to mine them for resources but I know somewhere and we got bought them they got to escape clause a prenup laughing at ponies

  3. BIG L ?????????????????????????????????????⚰️⚰️????⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

  4. I mean, great for Sony…but I've pretty much stopped playing Destiny a year ago. And I've moved on to PC, so the whole console wars isn't affecting me as much anymore (tho Xbox has been releasing less and less exclusives these days)

  5. If an exclusivity war is to happen I would see Xbox lean into more multiplayer and competing oriented games while PlayStation leans into more single player and open world games

  6. I don’t think it was Sony’s response that’ll come later. And also I think square enix makes a lot for Sony. They have a long working history and PlayStation exclusivity.

  7. sony already proved themselves to during the ps4 generation.. having grown up on xbox (including the xbox 360 that had 1 in 2 failure rate with the red ring of death) .. i can't help but think whatever MS or XBox is up to, isn't for the sake of games itself.. it seems to me, XBox and MS want nothing more than to tap into the ultra casual mobile market and to fund IPs that have predatory and downright digusting monetization models.. anyone wonder why MS is buying Publishers who's business model is MTX or Bust .. ?? Microsoft and the companies they acquire could give a crap less about games.. they haven't released a decent original work in years.. either, or.. Sony at least supports Devs that create works of art.. I mean, could XBox even bother with a "Next Gen" controller like Sony did with the DualSense.. okay, sorry, that's a bit much.. did the Series X have a single exclusive game available at launch?? .. or course not.. if XBox wasn't supported by the endless wealth of the MS Ip, they would have gone out of business after the disgraceful 360 generation.. I'm not on any side, but it's obvios who are the swindlers and who are still concerned about games as an artform..

  8. While all this is happening only PC master race is relaxing like a chad. Yes, we don't have GPUs now but it will eventually change.

    I mean PS5 and Xbox has power of only equal to 2080 cards at best, will they be able to run Crysis 4? Don't know but a PC will surely run it just fine as new GPUs will be better than 30 series which is more powerful than consoles.

  9. finally were going to see competetion in the fps genre. cod will have to innovate the franchise as sony and bungie 100% will make a great fps alike cod. bungie is still full of talent

  10. Haha. Destiny. If I had to choose any company to sacrifice to the third place platform in a three-way race, post-Halo Bungie is a good choice. Better than losing, say, Konami's properties to console exclusivity.

  11. they can have Bungie for all i care they lost everything when they sold halo and then destiny 1 was a giant failure.

  12. Absolutely gutted. Worst gaming news I've heard in years.
    Couldn't be more disappointed with bungie.
    Sony are a terrible company imo.
    If you belive the lies that destiny will not be exclusive, you kidding yourself.
    Wait till the dust settles.
    Truly awful news.
    Really sad I'll have to leave destiny.

  13. Not sure what Alanah is talking about? Of course it's a response lol. Yes, they take more than two weeks to do a deal, but you can bet the moment the talks between Microsoft and Activision became serious Sony was well aware of it. Not to mention Microsoft had already bought Bethesda.

    Personally, I think Sony got Bungie more for their tech and secondly the ability to produce more games. The fps tech that Bungie has is the best out there. Being able to transfer that to other studios in the Sony family who are making a shooter is a massive plus.

    I also wouldn't be surprised to see Bungie announce some kind of Star Wars game at some point. Imagine a massive online free to play Star Wars Jedi game. Get that right and the money they would make of dirty microtransactions would be enormous.

  14. Well, everything on Xbox comes to PC day 1 these times. Everything on Playstation eventually comes to PC these days.

    Solution – Own a PC.

  15. I'd say that in a few years there will be very few independent developers and publishers left. This will be devastating for creativity – and the industry in the long run.

  16. SE's been bleeding money for year now. Like, every year we read a 30-60 million losses from them. Sometimes multiple times. How long until those losses start to truly affect them. I wouldn't be surprise if they are the next on Sony's list.

  17. To be honest I’m not sure how to feel about this, not only do I dislike fps, I fucking hate fps, it’s why I have a kind of love/hate with cyberpunk. That being said, there are no games I’m looking forward to, cyberpunk burst the hype bubble, but I can’t even tell you what’s coming out this month, this year, it’s why I wonder if I’ll even upgrade when the new consoles become readily available

  18. Bungie said in a statement that all of there current and future games will stay on Xbox so what's the point . Sony is acting strange .This makes no since but hey good for Xbox

  19. The last question on the FAQ was the new IPS bungee is developing will they become Sony exclusive?? and the answer was NO all future Bungie games will remain on all platforms..I don't even know why Sony made this acquisition.. I know they need Shooters and a different kind of game because they only know how to make one game and they just put a different skin on it every time… 1 genre third-person over-the-shoulder.. so I'm glad to see that they are changing and starting to at least try to create different games ,,besides the same game reskinned over and over.. but I feel like Sony got ripped off here and they will get some Revenue ..but dont tip the scales as I see it…. no wonder Microsoft didn't want to take bungee up on any deal they wanted too much and too much control and all platforms Etc…. Sony overpaid here by a lot…Most the old talented Bungie is still at Microsoft anyway,, the bungee of today is not the bungee of old,,the old guard is still at MSG .this is new bungie.. glad Microsoft didn't do this deal there's so much better options out there!!

  20. Isn’t bungie working on a new ip I am sure they have been working on something new for a year or two now.

  21. Any game made by bungie will go to Xbox, I assure you. Microsoft pulled out because bungie said no to console exclusives. Corporate espionage exitsts, Sony new Microsoft was getting Activision, and reacted to it months ago. Microsoft maybe allowed Sony to get bungie to take the reeeeeee ma monopoly

  22. I think Mr Metokur said it best.

    They could have gotten sega and all their IPs for the same price, or capcom for a billion or so more.

    And they chose bungie. With 1 franchise instead. AND they'll still be independent and release on xbox probalby.

    Who's in charge of acquistions at Sony??

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