Sony fanboy denies that people are buying Xbox consoles in Japan & claims that the pics are doctored

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  1. Customers rushed to the store and destroyed the first cage by a storm after the news that the Series X is in stock, so they had to replace it with another …

  2. Pony:dialtone
    DFA: "hello department of foreign affairs"
    Pony: "Japan and Xbox are being mean to me"

    That is probably what actually happened.

  3. Whenever a pony claims foul play I only assume that pony is used to using foul play. It’s called projecting.

  4. They are reaching this hard just because console sales numbers are the only thing they have left in comparison to team green, the desperation of these ponys is getting worse and worse.

  5. WHY go through the trouble of photoshop when you can just take the consoles off the rack if you wanted to fake something. Lmao.

  6. I work retail myself and the first Christmas just before of the release.. We got in about 2 dozen each ps5 and series X. They were ALL gone in less than 2 hours. Would have been less but we only have 2 registers in my area. We were literally cutting boxes open and selling them as fast as we could open them. People were seeing people walk out with the systems and it just kept building until they got everything. Crazy afternoon.

  7. Someoen actually said it was photoshopped, what? Have they gone stupid? I swear to god they cant be taken seriously, they're just a laughing stock at this point

  8. Whose to say that pony didn’t edit the cage to make it look different….see pony I can play this game also ?????‍♂️

  9. they're not gonna have only one cage full of xbox's. they will have multiple cages. not all those cages will be identical. LMAO ponies are soo stupid

  10. And this is why I said that he need to bring evidence for this claim. He said that is not even the same cage without any evidence. He made the claim. That why I said don't trust Rome Rush words. He don't even play his exclusive games. He play 3rd party games if you look on his Playstation account. It ashamed I have to call him out.

  11. Can't even find one at any stores. The guy acts like he hasn't been to a Walmart, Best Buy, or Target recently.

  12. Japan still hasn't recovered from the 2008 crash. I can why it might be a hard sell. From what I know as well, the Japanese market had really taken to mobile gaming

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