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SYN CITY – Mafia Metaverse | Syndicate (SYNR) Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game. NEW P2E

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SYN CITY is a #playtoearn action-adventure role-playing game, in which the users acquire, manage, trade, and expand members of their NFT syndicates. Displaying a stylized take on the world of a modern crime syndicate.
What a crazy-looking blockchain game! What insane investors and backers!

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Syndicate (SYNR)

SYN CITY takes this concept a step further by making the game Free to Play where you can Play & Earn. Be the boss and take control of turfs, businesses while looting and raiding other syndicates to expand your empire.

Users start by generating their initial crew members, for free (users still need to pay for the gas fee that applies for the minting). If users have a team to choose from, then they can pick up their own crew of four for the battles ahead.

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  1. Enjoyed making this one. Big shout out to my friend who showed me this on our discord! That I want you to be a part of!

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