The Last of Us Factions | SMOOTH Snipes on the PS5

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From my first Factions matches on the PlayStation 3, to the thousands on the PlayStation 4, to the most recent now on the PlayStation 5…. there are few more satisfying occurrences than notching a clean headshot with the Hunting or Military Sniper rifle. Well, other than maybe a SERIES of clean headshots! Enjoy these smooth snipes I notched on the PS5, and let me know in the comments below what’s your most satisfying occurrence in Factions!

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? Music used: The Last of Us OST by Gustavo Santaolalla

The Last of Us inspired tracks by Created Nor Destroyed:

Spring In My Step by Silent Partner:

? Outro track: Night Patrol by Infraction:

? The Last of Us Loadout Calculator:


? DualShockers Article on Factions:

? GamesRadar+ Article on Factions:






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  1. Ohhhhhright, here we go! Good to see your videos once again after awhile, Tstrats! Hope all is well, and happy holidays ??
    Those headshots! ????

  2. I curious. Is chat online unavailable for this game? For some reason i can't communicate with anyone while playing factions. Do i have a setting messed up or something?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  3. The music made me think for a second I was watching NickEh30. Miss his tlou vids so much! So I am glad you're still playing and posting this game, keeping the community active ✌?

  4. I like this loadout that I made today full auto rifle/ revolver/ damage marker 1/ hawkeyed 2/ marathon runner 2/ sharp ears 3. It's not a great loadout against sweats tho more for stomping out bots

  5. What is the filter on your videos? Is it to give the CRT TV effect or is it because of what you're actually capturing it on?

  6. Very nice Strats. Getting rather proficient with them HR edshots ??
    That Miltary head pop on Gdub on the Dam tho ???

  7. I ran into namey on capitol the other day and totally got slaughtered by him. After that me and my friend decided to go shiv only and rock the namey hat and mask for the rest of the night.

  8. I had no idea that you could shoot through the glass. Super cool!

    You're getting really good with the hinting rife and military, Strats. Keep it up!

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