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The Sad State of Call of Duty Multiplayer & Warzone Pacific

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The Sad State of Call of Duty Multiplayer & Warzone Pacific

With the latest Warzone pretty much rendering Vanguard and Modern Warfare pretty unplayable it seems like Call of Duty is in a bad place

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Mic Used: Blue Yeti
Gameplay Captured With: Elgato 4K60 Pro Mk2
Edited In: Davinci Resolve

Music By Trakky


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  1. Spot on with every point you’ve made. The fact they chose to put out these games ALONG with all these updates. Just goes to show it was not play tested on MULTIPLE systems. I’m lucky enough to have both a PC and a console but both are pretty much unplayable. We are being provided an alpha game and this is a fact. The amount of bugs that I’ve seen reported are up to 140+ on vanguard (since the recent patch) caldera is pretty much unplayable From my experience and it’s sad to see MW2019 being ruined due to these patches from warzone. The developers signed a contract to create a game. Activision need to stop putting out unrealistic deadlines for games. Give developers the time they need. Infinity ward will have to provide a good game and they don’t have an excuse as they’ve been in hiding since mw2019. Back in the day we’d get demo’s provided to us for free. These days we have to buy a game at full retail price just to play an alpha and a beta. Which literally screams that we are the play testers. This is never going to change.

  2. I had fun in the beta alot actually. And when it came out and played against mostly controller players on pc I felt pretty shit then seeing them on 20 sens flicking on me tracking me perfectly I was like nah dude fuck this aim assist bullshit

  3. Sad state man. Battlefield 2042 has been quite buggy itself yes. But since before release (Early Access) I haven't encountered one hacker. And now most of the bugs are ironed out. But continuous game breaking bugs are unforgivable

  4. No bought it this time , they’re always buggy, it’s a case of we’ll just release it and we’ve got 12 months to fix it ??

  5. ''MW2 for all of the bugs and all of the overpowered stuff that was in the game it's still was in a better state than this.''

    Are you fucking joking.

  6. Hey first time viewer here! Glad ur channel is doing better! Welcome back n nice meeting u sir u seem pretty cool, I enjoyed the video keep up the good work ?

  7. Warzone is a Freemium game and the current state of it (lag, glitches etc) need to be sorted out. I’ve had enough of playing it and was starting to have fun, but there’s no point dropping and getting lag when you land where you can’t do anything and just die

  8. Free to play is a forum to get more $ in the end. So it isn't "Just" a free to play game. Modern warfare multi is broken since vanguard . A game I don't have , play or have any interest in. Falling guns from dead enemies are invisible when I pick up . I'm not getting my second kill streak but I'm getting double of my 3rd ( as cool as that is , it is a problem) constant crashing . And what's the deal with the white phosphorus kill streak? It's a kill streak that works against it's user . After it should disperse , if you don't die . It will not disperse! So I have to die . As the enemy has a clear screen because they have most likely gotten killed . I am now at a sizable disadvantage! I hate the battle pass being advertised to me in modern warfare that has nothing substantial to do with modern warfare . No guns , no characters , just crap . They got me once to buy it not realizing the scam , that everything was being unlocked in coldwar and warzone. I absolutely hate it. A constant nagging enticement for items not even in the game I'm in. It's utter greed .

  9. Playstation has exclusivity so ps4 and ps5 will run the best because thats what they will develop and fix first i dont have that many issues on my console and iam on a reg ps4 console. Try clearing cashe on your systems it will help a ton trust me.

  10. I bought MW19 a few months ago with my hard earned money. I played it non stop as a means of coping mechanism for my mental health and abusive household. When I bought it, it was missing a few features and had bugs of course, which I thought was weird because "why would they sell a game with missing features, why would they sell it if they are not supporting it anymore, for full price too?". Still, it was a great way of escape for me so I didn't care much. The campaign (especially the part where we play as little Farah), co-op, Verdansk, operator backstories, basically everything I fell in love with (barring some things I hated but nothing is perfect I guess). It helped me in ways more than just being a hobby. I was also excited about MW22 and thought of saving money for it. But now, seeing MW19 in this state just a few months after buying it disheartens me so much. I wanted to spend money on bundles, wanted to have so much fun with my in-game friends (not to mention they haven't come online since days now… I'm sad), wanted to buy the next MW game as well. I would even pay for Warzone if they made it paid even though I don't play it too much. However, if Acti doesn't step up their game, then I'm no fool to waste my money. It's sad because people shouldn't be stressing about spending money on entertainment yet here we are. I also hate it when people go like "it's an old game" no it's not! Games shouldn't have such short lives. And Warzone being free doesn't mean anything either: It's a game made by a AAA company, the current state of WZ is not acceptable. Sorry for long but I'm sad that my only good way of coping mechanism is taken away because of greed, and not for a legitimate, fair reason.
    Also Vanguard characters and their backstories feel as if the devs were more concerned about pleasing Twitter and Tumblr than making a good, at least somewhat accurate game.

  11. I started playing CoD when I was 6 years old. It was 2007. My buddy next door had CoD4 on his PS3, so I’d go over there and play multiplayer for as long as I could. I’ve played every cod since and have at least 10 days played in most of them. Vanguard was the first cod I did not buy. I will not buy it. I enjoy watching videos of it only because I feel some sort of enjoyment seeing everyone have problems with it because I knew it would be a mess. They can’t get it right anymore, whatever the formula was, they lost it. You hit the nail on the head in terms of the cloud updates making developers lazy. It makes it so they can rush out a sub-standard game and patch it up later… at OUR expense. So yeah, I gave up on CoD this year. I still play MW and CoD4 Remastered daily, but I won’t pay Activision another cent of my money, because that’s the only way they’ll get better. They are a corporation and to them we aren’t people or consumers, we are simply wallets that contain money that they want very badly. I’ve convinced all my friends to not give them money either, so I’ve single-handedly lost Activision probably $500 this year. I’ve started watching your videos this week, keep it up bro.

  12. Warzone's unplayable as fuck right now. My squad keeps having out loadout menu pop up randomly. Just died 3 times solely due to as I round a corner to fire on a guy BAM! Loadout menu. Weirdest part is it happens to the entire party at the same time each time.

  13. Been playing duos only for 2 hours a day, game is still full of cheaters. Pc console xplay anyone? Personally will NEVER buy another cod. Ricochet? Don't make me laugh. It's a marketing tool for vanguard. All the top streamers cheat, my advice is wise up. Gaming is in the gutter one player games have become shit too

  14. The pistol and gulag guns are the most consistent guns there is… reminds me a lot like fifa with the handicap giving the lesser player an advantage…
    Solos is easy but soon as I’m onto trios or quads it’s like I’m putting rounds after rounds just to down someone… the bloom is 100% still there although I’ve heard otherwise

  15. They should have never intergrated warzone with the other CODs and they should have spent their time Updating Modern Warfare and fixing all the bugs and issues and making more updates.Warzone was in its best state when MW was only involved and MW was at its best when there was no vanguard and Cold War

  16. Tbh im in my feelings of just stop playing modern shooters in general because these companies doesnt have respect for us consuners and release broken unfinished products plus alienating the fanbase with stupid additions

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