The UK Government Just Stopped This Xbox Shady Business Practice

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The UK Government Just Stopped This Xbox Shady Business Practice

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  1. This is why I use PayPal, if you are struggling to cancel, just log on to PayPal and cancel subscription payments.

  2. Hey I hope you could here me out but I heard sony just bought bungie talk about that if you haven't heard about it.?

  3. No sure about pc but on xbox in the UK there a whole section that's clear and easy to find in the settings that manages all subscriptions and the renew button is just as clear to remove the renewal.

  4. I bought my dad Game Pass for Christmas 2020 and last week my parents house burnt down. They lost the Xbox and their notebook with usernames/passwords in it. I contacted Microsoft support and told them what happened and they just ended the chat with me. smh

  5. Or they can charge you every month to have it, then charge you again when you want to use it like insurance which is required by law

  6. Lmao imagin thinking it’s shady for a company to remind people they aren’t using a service they offer. It’s not their job to remind people to cancel their service it’s on the person lol

  7. That's why you use Apple products and all your subscriptions are in one place and you can cancel them super easy with 2 clicks on your phone.

  8. I'm glad other Governments have the bawlz to keep US corporations in check when our own government let's them bend the citizens over and have their way…

  9. When it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start.fortunately,great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

  10. The was a thing years ago in the U.K where a woman got a 3 month gym membership but unknow
    to her it auto renewed every 3 month she used the gym for the first 3 months and never went back
    6 years later she had someone do some accounting and finance on her accounts
    and it come up that the was £45 coming out her account every 3 months and she won her cash back
    they never contacted in the 6 years and in that time costs at the gym had gone up but she was
    on the same price the whole time (If they had put the price up on her by law they have to notify)
    and this would of let the cat out the bag. so she got about £1300 back.

  11. Oh so a consumer bears no responsibility? People put there money into these services its a consumers responsibility to keep track of where there money goes. Its ridiculous that u think that a company bears 100% of the fault. If someone decides they dont want something anymore you cancel it u dont disregard it n make it someone else responsibility. This world where people expect something for nothing, have no accountability for a service they got into is a joke

  12. I remember trying to cancel a xbl subscription. I let my friend use my credit card to pay for it. Long story short my friend ended up having to work longer hrs than the expected duration and sold his Xbox and gave me some for the xbl. Well Microsoft wouldn't let me cancel the subscription because it wasn't my account even though it was my card. I ended up having to bother my friend to cancel the xbl because Microsoft wouldn't allow me to cancel it.

  13. I remember in 1996 trying to cancel AOL. I ended up canceling the credit card being billed. It was much easier to get a new number than actually cancel the service.

  14. I'm sorry…you're stupid enough to be paying for something you're not even using? You deserve EVERY penny taken from your pocket

  15. Gym memberships are notorious for this crap, some even want you to mail them a written notice for the cancellation.

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