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Thetan Arena is a free play to earn game with a lot of earning potential and can be played on PC and Mobile. You can buy skins and creates to earn more how from the game. In this video I show How you earn more money from Thetan Arena
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  1. Can someone just explain to me, how you make money in this game without investing in it? as i see in order to make some gTHC coins, you need to buy a character, if you do not buy a character than you don't make any money.

  2. Crypto currency is gradually moving towards something big and the price surge over the past few months is just the beginning of greater things to come. you got any advice for someone that is fresh to crypto. Don't know where to start..

  3. Thia game is a scam you cant reach bronze 5 with given hero . there is zero possibility you cant earn anything

  4. I got a question. Seems like is the same buying their token straight from the exchange instead of buying a character since their the same price(battles left*win(+6gthc)) and if you dont like playing the game or have the time to, seems like a bad deal. Am i missing something? Amy advice would be really helpful. Thank y'all in advance

  5. The 1 second intro, he said like thousand words in one sec "Yo everyone on youtube sharp here bringing you guys another video" in 1 second

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  7. I never regret choosing junkywarriorscom team since the day one of this pandemic that team have really been my life saver and saved me from different occasions in helping me make over 2btc every third third week

  8. I appreciate the knowledge in this video as an individual that has just started his financial security journey, these types of videos are delightful and when you follow up with a well trained team to support with this of JUNKYWARRIORS?COM I never regret knowing them my whole life from the day one of the pandemic

  9. I woke up this morning to see 1.1btc added to my wallet this wouldn’t have been possible if I had not known junkywarriorscom platform I heard about them on Facebook so I tried their services very affordable now i feel like I’m the happiest person on earth

  10. My Thetan arena account is already connected with a MetaMask wallet but I can’t login the wallet anymore so I can’t receive the money. Does somebody have tips?

  11. This game is trying their best to earn you the least amount of coins, once you start learning how to play with different skills they change it up. Its not a scam but pls don't put money in there, you will almost never earn it back. Fun game overal but they fuck you if you want to earn!

  12. This doesn't work. $0.11 per thc isn't worth the time unless you have money to burn and sit on your thc. 1000 x 0.11 =$110 vs 1000 thc x .40 = 400 at the time. I won 70% of my battles but with price of thc and my entry, I'm not making any money because it devalued a lot after purchasing skin. If I wait and sell if the value increases, then I'll have a profit.

  13. As a high elo moba player shouldn’t it be better to remake accounts and push them to bronze 1 with bought heros? Since your winratio will drop drastically in higher elos?

  14. how to play gthc battles to earn? I have bought a hero but it is always playing non gthc battles when i search match

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