Call Of Duty Warzone

This OLD Verdansk Loadout DESTROYS the Warzone Lobby! ( Call of Duty )

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I used the ZRG from my old Warzone loadout in Warzone Pacific!

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  1. Thing of it is you can always tell when someone wasn't in the military a gun is what is in between your legs or weapon is what you use to fight the enemy the gun is your pecker a weapon is the weapon that you use to kill the enemy

  2. yess dude we got the sound effects and memes, dude your vids are pretty perfect now. keep them bangers comin

  3. You do great vids man but personnaly im So done with warzone and its scummy verging almost pay to win sales model.was excited for bf bit that's not gone well Will re sub when you are playing better games in the future anyway.

  4. What was the attachment loadout for the ZRG? Time to sightvis so much quicker than what I have. Yeah and the wepon swap speed.

  5. At the end I can hear Stone's stream repeating in the lobby chat. Meaning there were frikken stream snipers and they STILL couldn't win against Stone's team.

  6. MW weapons are def viable. BROOO I ran an Origin12 RPG ghost loadout last night n took a 7k dubby on caldera?❤ THE ORIGIN IS BACK BABYYYYYY

  7. I can’t figure out if your teammate had a high or low pitched voice, it’s like both at the same time, you all sound like cartoon characters.

  8. General consensus… viewership drops when it’s Cleveland jr… I mean glory Jean. There’s a reason that dude has only 3.7k follower even after stone put him on his vids.

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