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Top 3 Metaverse Picks with Amazing Potential This Year!!!

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Today we are bringing you 3 AWESOME Metaverse picks for the week, with great potential for 2022. If you like where your …


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  1. We are the new generation of the Bitcoin Army. Sustainable, advanced, ubiquitous. We will take over the next generation in Bitcoin. Join us, Miners Defi and shape the future.

  2. I bought Miners just for the reflections but then I realized what an amazing project they are building. The new rebranded Miners Defi looks sick, officially launching today. I have a feeling the only way this can go is up even with the market being in the dumps.

  3. The Miners army is everywhere, you will never escape, it will come for us all. Why resist? Join us now, Miners Defi.

  4. Hey guys. Project FarmPoly announced a Collab with bitboy. Can someone confirm or is this project posting fake news and I need to get out ASAP…

  5. This is very useful, thanks man! Do you know any successful utility projects with plans for building in metaverse? I have heard of Slotie NFT planning to build a casino in Decentraland. Looking for more project like this to invest. Any ideas?

  6. This vid feels a bit cringe. And flagging Derace…after every other YouTuber has shilled it, like it’s something new…..someone needs to up their game. Honest feedback, don’t hate the hate.

  7. this games are having lot of positivity in here , be the one who invest early in here just like in DRAGON EVOLUTION, you should try this one ??

  8. Man, please tell us about Zookeeper (ZOO). Why no one is talking about project which has so many features i really don't understand.

  9. TCG world will be the metaverse to be in. 4k graphics, 800sq kilometre land mass, Get in early, its exploding at the moment. SAND and MANA have nothing on TCG World, check it out

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