Xbox 360 Emulation improvements, GameCube/Wii Android PSA and MAME Updates

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Hey all! In this video we go over the latest in Emulation News and Updates! Xenia, the best Xbox 360 emulator on PC just got a MASSIVE update! Also, Dolphin MMJR2 might have an issue with Android 12 in the latest build, and MAME also got some improvements!

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Xenia Setup Guide:
Xenia Updates:
MAME Update:

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  1. Xenia is amazing.
    Especially because Microsoft made it ultra easy to dump XBOX360 games to PC, almost all my games work fine as well.
    I believe either Forza 3 or 4 was one of few that still don't work with the version I have on my PC.
    Gotta check out the canary sometime soon.

  2. I have just tested Forza/Sky Dive/Gears of War 3/Project Gotham Racing/Dead to Right's Retribution all run at a higher frame rate but all the graphical errors have not improved to me this is not an update they should of concentrated on stability first its nice it looks better and have improved the frame rate Red Dead redemption is pretty much perfect hopefully this will soon be implemented in the canary version as this is more stable.

  3. ..not sure if you've touched on benefits and drawbacks of emulation before in detail, however I think that may be an excellent topic to speak on, even if it makes for a slightly longer video..excellent updates as always, so I thank you kindly for such!

  4. I have so many xb360 games I'd like to try in Xenia but finding copies online, or the right tools to dump them myself is too frustrating.

  5. Xenia crashes on gears of war 3 on ryzen 5 4650 vega graphics, but i can run rpcs3 comfortable ly… Any solution.

  6. My dolphin mmjr2 after i updated it to latest version has text like this keep popping on my screen 'IOS_FS: Failed to write new FST' which is very annoying

  7. I have android 12 and yeah… 15 fps on cod mw3 and also it crashes if you alter the default settings even slightest -_- now I'm back to 11510 and it give 30 fps (not stable)

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