XBOX Game Pass and BANDAI NAMCO | Gamers WARNED About Buying PS5

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XBOX Game Pass and BANDAI NAMCO | Gamers WARNED About Buying PS5

XBOX Game Pass and BANDAI NAMCO : 0:00
Gamers WARNED About Buying PS5 : 3:56

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  1. I do this Everytime when I play a game on gamepass I did this with pysconauts 2 and bought it which is why gamepass is a huge game change. Also scarlet Nexus and tales of arise are amazing. Also thats sad all because all I see are controllers and no ps5 smh but that's hilarious ?

  2. I hope Xbox building something big with Bandai Namco here..

    Lets not forget that Namco did made a Xbox exclusive game called ''Breakdown''

  3. I bought scarlett nexus and dirt 5 day one, was a bit p1ssed they came to gamepass but i half expected they would.

  4. Please stop casting doubt about the deal closing. MS donated 17 million to the democrats causes. They sadly control the house with all these things would looked at. MS greased all the palms needed to. I see this closing by October.

  5. Looking at the chip shortage I think xbox series X will be 500 in shops till the end of the Summer. Scarlet Nexus is a good game pass game that is worth playing. And is fair to say, that fifa, CoD and blizzard games are very popular here in Europe so is really a big deal.

  6. Tbh i think the retail thing is smart and bad at the same time bc it is warning them bc we dont know if xbox will just take CoD off playstation when the contracts are up and its bad bc depending how bad it'll slow down Playstation sales

  7. This store owner is smart. They know that COD is a system seller. And it's funny these so called journalists are claiming they know what's going on. But it's not being said that there is a possibility that the deal could be finalized by the end of this year( fiscal year23 is 06/22 to 06/23). And MS could just buy out the playstation contract. That way they probably could end the yearly cycle of COD. This way mw2 will be 3rd party and warzone 2 (2023) the same but for 2024( Treyarch's game) will be the first of the core franchise being exclusive. So then I.W's mw3 will be 2026 then so on.

  8. Scarlet nexus is amazing. If it Tales of Arise didn't release last year Scarlet nexus would have been the best JRPG of last year.

  9. The sign at the retail store is a smart move for casual gamers that aren’t aware of the massive acquisition that took place. Imagine buying a PS5 to play next generation CoDs just to find out that there’s a strong possibility of it being an Xbox exclusive after 2023. The Bethesda deal is a template of how they’re going to handle Activision/Blizzard

  10. Yes certainly an interesting choice to see what that retailer is doing. Definitely hope Elden Ring and Dying Light 2 come to the gamepass ecosystem.

    Think we'll hear something about Silksong this month Plume?

    Thanks for doing what you do man?

  11. I buy plenty of Xbox games after playing them on GamePass.

    Hell, I bought the entire Yakuza series (minus the turn-based one) after playing Yakuza Kiwami 0 and 1, for example.

    The service is dope as hell.

  12. Tales of Arise has gained me a new found love with some Bandai Namco stuff. That game is freaking fantastic. I have to go back and play the series from Vesperia on up now. I loved Scarlet Nexus too. It's a pretty great game. And this is coming from someone who has traditionally not been into a lot of JRPG stuff. I played stuff like Lost Oddessey, FFXI / XIV, and some older 360 Jrpg's, but I have never been into Anime stuff.

  13. Nothing is going to stop the deal from going through. It's Xbox making an acquisition the number 3 in gaming.

  14. I own Code Vein, and Scarlet Nexus as retail version but it´s good to see that Bandai Namco, keeps up the good partnership with XBOX.
    Maybe this partnership, leads to an acquisition of Bandai Namco.
    At this point nothing is impossible.

  15. Still have Pitfall for the Atari 2600, which was published by Activision. They definitely have been around for a while.

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