Xbox Series X: 1 Year In (long term review)

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After owning an Xbox Series X for about a year, it’s time to talk about experience with it since purchase.

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  1. I personally love my Series X. I love GamePass and how easy it is to live stream to twitch straight from my console

  2. The reason the old Forza games aren't backwards compatible is because Microsoft want you to buy the latest games in the series.

  3. You still really get the best of all worlds with a powerful PC, which is why it's a shame that hardware scalpers and crypto enthusiasts have wrecked the PC component market in recent years.

    – Play games with DualSense controller and haptic triggers
    – Access Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft exclusives
    – Play Switch games via Yuzu/Ryujinx

    I do believe the Xbox Series X is a better value than the PS5, despite the few disadvantages it has.

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Sony might be easing up on the questionable restrictions on the unquestionable content in Japanese games. Looking at some of the Atelier Sophie character designs, and they've just added bathing suit DLC. Either way, I think an aggressive Microsoft, particularly after the Activision acquisition, is going to force Sony to seek friendlier relations with third party developers.

  5. Still can’t find a series x after a year but at this point it’s fine because there’s nothing really out that makes me NEED to get one.

  6. Even with its limitations, the backwards compatibility interests me simply because I've never been that big of an Xbox fan, but there's still plenty of games across the OG/360 library that I'd love to play. Enhancements like 60 FPS for games like Sonic Unleashed is also very appealing.

    As for them leaving out backwards compatibility games that seem like no-brainers, Phil Spencer alluded to the fact that they're aware of most of the games that are absent. It's mostly due to stuff beyond their reach, like music licensing. That's probably why we don't have stuff like Jet Set Radio Future or Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball. A shame, but at least emulation is getting better on PC.

  7. Some things that are interesting for some people. Xbox has native 1440p and vrr support, while Sony doesn't (yet).
    I really hope Xbox will allow storage expension from other developers soon.
    Seagate of course won't drop the price when they are the only ones selling.
    As soon as this is open, there will be probably just cases you can buy for your ssd and definitely hard price cuts. I like it being on the outside, though. especially for people not really into tech it's kinda scary to open a console.

  8. I think one of the reasons past racing games like Forza Motorsports and Horizon are not available on GamePass or even backward compatible is licensing.
    These games have a lot of licensed/copyrighted music in them and the way they go about it is they get the rights for the tracks for a certain amount of time when they create the games and then when the licenses expire they take the games out of the store (unless you own them).
    So that's how some past game don't appear anymore on the store or as bc titles and why for others Xbox don't even bother bringing them back as BC titles. I would love to play the Project Gotham racing games but they were made way before the BC program was made so I guess that's why they'll never appear.
    Typically they have the right for 7 or 8 years. Forza Horizon 2 isn't available right now you can only play it if you own the CD or bought it in the store while it was there…

  9. A couple of weeks ago GameStop sent an email that they had Xbox Series X in stock so I decided to buy one…I kinda did it on a whim…The Activision buy out had no influence since I haven't played an Activision game in like a decade.

    And believe it or not. Gamepass also had no influence. I like my physical games. And I'm kinda keep it that way. Though I do like buying digital games the idea of renting games through subscription services doesn't really appeal to me. So I'm not to interested in the service for the time being.

    Anyway I'm a long time Playstation and Nintendo fan. I never owned an Xbox console. Since this is my first Xbox console here is my first impressions after using it for a couple weeks.

    First impression wise. I like the console. I like how open it feels. To me it doesn't feel like a normal game console but instead a pre-built mini PC. One of the first things I did was get the Retroarch working. I tested Saturn and Dreamcast. And they seem to run pretty fine. Which is really cool cause now I try out these libraries without the hassle of doing emulation on PC. Anyway I was also able to watch anime and play MKV files. I also find it funny how I was able plug in my hard drive and it read it as a D drive. You even got a file explorer. So far my complaints are is that I'm not a fan of UI. It feels a bit convoluted to me. I thought the PS5 one was kinda lame. But man I find the Series X UI worse. I also don't like how heavily it relies on the internet. Upon start up you can't even setup the console without first downloading the Xbox app. I also noticed while testing Xbox 360 games that save files are cloud based. Which is kinda makes me feel paranoid knowing I have no control over my 360 save data.

    Overall though I do feel mostly positive on the console. And I'm excited finally explore a library that I was never able too. Kinda salty I can't play Jet Set Radio Future though. But there is a bunch other games I can play at least. I picked up Blue Dragoon, Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery and plenty more other games too. If you're curious the first game I played was Conker Live and Reloaded. I was glad to finally play a remake of one my favorite games. On the subject of backwards compatibility I some what disagree that it's not good enough. While yes it could be better the fact that it can play roughly 25% of 360 games and 6% of Xbox Original games that still a lot better than the whopping 0% of PS3 games like 1 percent of PS2 games on PS5.

    Anyway I think I rambled enough. I would appreciate some game recommendations.

  10. Honestly the most fun I've had on the Series X is for buffed up 360 games that often feel like free remasters – standouts being Sonic Unleashed, Banjo Nuts 'N Bolts and the Fable trilogy (funny you mentioned the port downloading, since even with a PAL disc, the NA version of Fable 2 is downloaded)

  11. Activision games in the future will still go Multiplatform for the foreseeable future but it’ll more than likely be game pass day 1 for me! That’s the route I went with psychonauts 2 I love the series s right now. Just wish the storage cards were cheaper…

  12. Here's hoping we see more Japanese content coming to Xbox. Phil Spencer has said recently that they're making it a priority to get more Japanese content on Xbox.

  13. I have to admit, the recording of game footage on the Series X is quite inconvenient. What's worse is that if the videos and screenshots are saved locally, the system will purge them after about 30 days with no prompt. If you're signed into OneDrive, you can save them there, but you have to do this manually. I haven't found a way to automate this. Like mentioned though, it's limited to 30 seconds at 4k, or 1 minute at 1080. The PS5 allows for up to an hour at 1080p. I have both, and my PS5 sees more play time.

  14. I agree fully with what you said about feeling dirty using gamepass. I pretty much stopped buying microsoft/xbox when they came out with that because i knew they were going to try and weed out game ownership down the line. Only confirmed it for me when they released the xbox one digital only in 2018 or 19. Sony thankfully failed at their attempt to do that years ago, but now that the market is changing and we have the PS5 digital edition who knows.

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