10 Tip to Get MORE KILLS – Rainbow Six Siege (PS4/XBOX)

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To God be the Glory ✝ ❤

00:00 – Intro
01:16 – Play Closer to Site
02:16 – Angles
03:09 – Stay Alive
04:22 – Tracking
05:10 – Make Strats
06:26 – Expand Your Playstyle
07:19 – Re-watch Yourself
08:20 – T-Hunt

09:05 – Prefire

How to Hold Angles –
How to Play Vertical –
How to Improve Tracking –

BEST T-Hunt Routine/Guide –

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Horizontal – 67

Vertical – 60

ADS (Advanced):
1.0x – 32
1.5x – 36
2.0x – 40
2.5x – 46
3.0x – 50
4.0x – 58
5.0x – 66
12.0x – 86

Dead Zones – 5 and 5

If you want to be in a coaching video,
1. Join the discord and submit your game to the coaching clips channel

2. Email me your game at [email protected]

Music Used:
Sunday Morning – BVG x mondberg x Spencer Hunt
Fireplace – BVG x mondberg
insomnia – BVG x mondberg
The World at night – BVG x mondberg

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10 Tip to Get MORE KILLS – Rainbow Six Siege (PS4/XBOX)

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  1. On defense I usually would just go to the opposite side of the map and then when action phase starts I would 'push' site like an attacker and get some kills. This video helped me realize that's a noob move

  2. I have a tip to kill the whole enemy team you first have to aim at their heads and you shoot this tip should get you aces every round

  3. Yooo nice video! Also my ps4 broke 2 months ago and I recently got a new one, any tips on how I can recover some of my skill back

  4. I hate the first tip because you said stay near sight but like some maps the only enemy teams pushes top and they can get easy picks on you guys while your in site

  5. Hey man, me and my friend group have been playing as a 4 man on ps4 for a while now and we are all Gold 1 average and well we always have one random that doesn’t play or cooperate at all and we try our best to 4v5, but we have noticed in some games its not effective at all. Do you have any suggestions for grouping as 4 or 3 mans? Love your videos btw just found them today and are very helpful! thank you so much

  6. I think a underrated kinda tip people don't talk about a lot is patience, I see so many ppl in my games just start swing stuff for no reason, it's almost like if there isn't much going on they have to go find a gunfight

  7. Aye bro I ain't really played Siege seriously for like the past 6 months. And I was wanting to know can u make a video about how to get back into r6 if u ain't played in a while. ???

  8. I love castle. Aruni, Nomad, Zero and lesion i find are rlly solo q strat friendly . Idk it works well for mw

  9. Hey alarming I was in your stream yesterday hope your feeling ok ❤️ and I enjoyed the video man keep up the great work

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