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AJS News – 3 New EA Star Wars Games, BF 2042 BANS, Ed Boon Hall of Fame, Raven Union Not Recognized

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The News Crew Discusses EA’s 3 New Star Wars Games, Battlefield Banning Hundreds, Raven’s Union not recognized by Activision, Halo Series Trailer & More!

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  1. Their excited for EA stuff? This is why EA continues to produce trash because everyone stills gets excited when they announce stuff! I know Fallen Order was awesome but still it's EA…proceed with extreme caution always!!!

  2. What takes you so long on the toilet that you have time to play a video game? I'm like OJ. It's strictly business in the bathroom. It takes me maybe 4 minutes max to get in, get my business done, wash my hands and get out.

  3. there's laws against this Union busting in Sweden. Exactly what ur talking about; Splitting them up is super illegal.

  4. There's no way battlefield 1 has that many players bro I've tried playing battlefield 1 thousands of times on my PlayStation 4 and 5 couldn't find not a single soul or server with anyone playing on it battlefield 5 is still pretty trash so I've mostly been playing battlefield 4 been playing that since 2013 still playing it now and still having a blast

  5. I want a star wars universe
    Like gta. Free to go to planets
    With shops and every spaceship is flyable
    And you can go inside them and change and upgrade everything

  6. EAC has a history of this shit, so I'm not really surpiced at all. As the last time EAC did this it was for afterburner, so it seems EA has not learned to add the most popular programs to EAC so he can at least tell whats what yet.

  7. Battle Field 2042 is the best game ever! You ever want to glitch through a map, Shoot at someone with out killing them, see cars fly, A scoreboard that reminds you of your school life, the unlimited time to spend on leveling up your guns, the Fun time trying to be pared up with your friends, and even better yet a low low price of $135 including the season pass to make sure you can earn more "pointless stuff" I mean more cools stuff to use in the game and don't forget to listen to the AMAZING SOUND TRACKS!

  8. I don't like unions, never have and never will. It's not because I trust the companies, God no, I don't trust anything from the government to the companies or even the Church. I don't like unions because in my country if the unions decide "hey, we want some money" they force their imployees to strike (or they make up some bullshit reason to get the employees angry so they'll strike), and then tell the company to pay the union a fuckton of cash that the union "promises" goes to the workers, but they barely see a fraction of that money.
    These strikes OFTEN turn violent and there is a fuckton of property damage, guess what happens when a company has to pay a lot of money to a union and then also pay to fix the damage that the strike caused? Employee's loose their jobs. Where's the union to protect these employee's? Counting their cash, not giving a fuck.
    Now sometimes a strike is called for, especially when the working conditions are ass, but 90% of the union sanctioned strikes aren't for that reason. So if you're gonna sit there and tell me I'm brainwashed or a shill, you can go fuck yourself. Come to my country and see what havoc unions cause.

  9. I sirs game while pooping. I have two Marvel Puzzle quest and Dragon Ball legends. I spend no money just something to engage my mind while grunting.

  10. Who doesn't game while in the bathroom. Gotta make it fun if its a bad shit. My go to for mobile games are Clash Royale or Pokémon Unite

  11. Also should take a look at the EA/Crown stream for BF as it had like 100 viewers then jumped to 30k out of nowhere, lost 24 followers whilst 30k people were watching, it just stinks of view bots

  12. maybe respond to LEVELCAP's latest video, and explain to him the real reason why his viewers are pissed, as he does not get it

  13. Alex is so full of $h! tt Rigth there 16:18 …BF2042 use the same EasyAnticheat Fortnite , Apexlegends , Halo infinite etc.. uses .. As if BF2042 Had an EA specific anti cheat purposely banning players lol ?? Anything to bash on the game ..

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