Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard – Part 3 – THE JUNGLE

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Call of Duty Vanguard Part 2 Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3. Welcome to the official series of the Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign this series will include the full game story with all missions review and first impressions. This will be Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign on PC at 4K 60FPS rednered at 1440P

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Call of Duty: Vanguard’s campaign is about how the international special forces came together to stop a resurgence as World War II came to an end. It’s about how the world could have gone the wrong way.

Call of Duty Vanguard Full Playtlist:

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  1. Lewis Howard is actually the brother of Howard from cod ww2 so that mean vanguard,mw,and black ops are connected

  2. I am glad the guy burning all the Vietnamese soldiers happily got shot… and it seem historically inaccurate… I don’t think any black American soldiers existed then… but who cares… most gamers are just trigger happy… who cares about history

  3. Ok I might be thinking in too deep on this one but in the last episode the german guy was talking ab how he wants Intel on a Russian sniper and then in this episode hitler is killed. So im thinking what if the "Russian sniper" was the guy from Sniper Elite bc dont u kill hitler in one of those games and isnt the character like russian or something or am I wrong? Idk. Just a random thought that came to mind when I heard those things.

  4. After watching Hollow fly these planes, the planes in GTA and the rocket suit in Riders Republic, I've realized he's not good at flying mechanics in video games! Haha no hate though! I just laugh harder at his frustration!

  5. GOOD VID MAN but slow the horses down on running in front of ur team ur getting too ahead of yourself and then u get killed because of something surprising that happens like the sniper or when the dude with the bayonet killed u ?

  6. Devs of GTA 4,Be it GTA5 ,be it COD Vanguard be like
    "Oh you are having a nice time playing our game, thats bad" *adds flight mission with confusing controls*.

  7. This guy is so annoying, he keeps swerving… Daaaaamn, have you EVER played a flying game in your life?!?! And what would YOU do if someone was shooting your a$$?!?
    We obviously have an aim assist baby over here.

  8. Jesus christ when that asshole smashed polinas face into the tBle…goood god…i hate him agh. I really love the story of this and the characters too.

    Also, the soundtrack is ace! It really sets the mood and the music is beautiful and haunting.

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