Demon's Souls PS5 – Soul Remains Break the Game! (NEW)

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00:00:00 Intro
0:21 The Claim!
0:42 Checklist
0:59 What do Soul Remains Do?
1:46 Where Can We Get Souls Remains?
2:55 How To Break Game With Soul Remains

4:12 Credits

Ashen One plays: Demon’s Souls PS5 / Demon’s Souls Remake Episodic playthrough on Playstation 5 Console. Will be avoiding any kind of typical Demons Souls Glitch and just playing through for fun and effect trying to get overpowered early with items and weapons such as helpful Demons Souls rings and some classic demons souls magic boosting gear. Not so much of a Demons Souls Review but I’ll definitely share my opinions as we play through 🙂


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  1. Gonna try this item on my ng +++ cause going trough some parts in world 5 is crazy hard. 3 trophies away from platinum ?

  2. Yea it’s quite fun, if there’s a cliff just throw it there, and they’re all jumping to their death, lol.

  3. Just got the platinum on this today and never used this item once, wish id realised how useful these are!

  4. Soul remains are the soul reason (pun intended) I was able to progress the game after accidentally starting my new game +. I was suffering for a long time until I figured that out.

  5. Had no idea you could use these like this, wish I'd have known this while dealing with black phantom Scirvir ??.

  6. I never even tried them in my first several playthroughs, but now they're an item I go for as soon as possible and carry the max. They should cost way more, or not be something you can purchase but only farm for, because of how effective they are.

  7. I don't remember having much success using these in my playthroughs but now I want to go back and give them another try. Thanks for the video!

  8. To be honest, i never used them. I didnt know it was to be used this way. Will be using it on my current NG+ for the swamp of sorrows world for sure (i hate that poison/plague world)

  9. When I first found some I thought you could use them to gain souls. I was severely disappointed when my character threw it on the floor

  10. Love seeing your videos pop up. I couldn’t have gotten through Demon Souls without your help, very appreciative for your in-depth analysis. Keep doing your thing, it’s great.

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