Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 – 22 FACTS to KNOW…

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Dying Light 2 – 22 FACTS to KNOW…
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Dying Light 2 is nearing its long awaited release date and as we creep closer to February 4th. Today I’ll be giving you guys 22 FACTS about Dying Light 2 you NEED to know before you make your purchase! Remember guys, this game will be fire…

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  1. There will be fire arms in the game but make shift shotguns and pistols,the devs comfirmed that. Also there will be a bow

  2. BROOOOOO I’m sooo excited for this game!!! DL1 was so good! I can’t imagine how good this games gonna be!

  3. It is going to have guns. They will just be rudimentary improvisational guns. You don’t start your videos off by sharing misinformation.

  4. Lol there are guns they show them in the fucking gameplay lol. Get your facts together before you make a vid laddie.

  5. I’ve never seen someone use a microphone like that in a YouTube lol, just for that I’m dropping a sub

  6. Honestly glad they removed guns. Guns ruined the experience in the 1st game. So glad they have actual stealth.

  7. Awesome channel but what’s up with the stuttering leaked gameplay footage from ps5 , I mean if it’s running not that great on os5 what’s that mean for last gen

  8. I like the content I just wish people like you wouldn’t just copy before you but as your title. You guys are Click bait professionals. Just be creative and think of your own headline don’t be lazy

  9. Degenerates are not powerfull zombie type.
    They are basically a biter but they stayed in the sun too much, where they are weak and dying

  10. I hope one of the dlcs will be as big or even bigger as the "the following" dlc of DL1 with some sort of customizable vehicle. Really enjoyed that back then

  11. 1 thing i think you got wrong: there isn't an absence of "gunpowder-based" weapons but they apparently are very rare. Bows (and i think crossbows too) are way more distributed around the world now (since we're basically back in the middle ages according to the DL2 narrative)
    But nice video nontheless ??

  12. There is one scrap shotgun that's breaks really quick and the Scorpio which isn't really a "gun" but it still unga bungas the enemies

  13. Not even a minute into the video and your first "fact" is wrong. There are guns, they'll just be makeshift. They've shown off a makeshift shotgun..

  14. It’s not seamless open world, developers confirmed there was gonna be tunnels/transition areas to go to separate biomes

  15. Can’t believe the first one came out when I was just 14. I think I’ll buy a bottle for when it drops at midnight Thursday ?

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