Dying light 2

DYING LIGHT 2 – 37 Minutes of 4K Gameplay

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I’ve compiled all the gameplay footage shown from Techland up until this point, so you can get a glimpse of what Dying Light 2 is all about.

0:00 – E3 2019 Gameplay
2:36 – Official Gameplay Trailer 2021
9:45 – Monsters Gamplay Trailer
14:48 – Decide The Fate of The City Gameplay Trailer
17:15 – A Place To Call Home Quest
33:18 – Ray Tracing in Dying Light 2
35:33 – Official Gameplay Trailer 2022

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  1. Are you excited for DYING LIGHT 2?

    0:00 – E3 2019 Gameplay

    2:36 – Official Gameplay Trailer 2021

    9:45 – Monsters Gamplay Trailer

    14:48 – Decide The Fate of The City Gameplay Trailer

    17:15 – A Place To Call Home Quest

    33:18 – Ray Tracing in Dying Light 2

    35:33 – Official Gameplay Trailer 2022

  2. Playing the first one again for the 5th time. Still love it. Cant wait for DL2 what a time to be alive!!!!

  3. Wow talk about cheap, no time video for views. 37 minutes of gameplay, IE you just strung together a bunch of the official trailers into a video. Clickbait much?

  4. Still don’t like the timer at night it’s already stressful enough at night but adding that infection or whatever it’s called timer is a little much most people I’ve talked to or ran into on Reddit are very displeased by it

  5. Definitely siding with the renegades on this one. I've always played the good guy in games, even in rdr2. I'm gonna see what it's like from the opposite standpount

  6. I am just waiting for reviews to order my copy. Although they did say death loop was a perfect game and it was absolute garbage so you never know with critics. They'll praise any game game that has diversity or black leads in it. Still can't get over why that turd got 10/10. But I'm sure I'm getting this game. It will hold me over until forbidden West.

  7. I really wanna get this game but haven’t finished dying light 1 yet. Waiting on 60 fps….playing on 30 fps on PS5 hurts my eyes

  8. I’m going to have to change the gamma of the new version it’s too colorful and happy looking it’s supposed to be bleak and dark not rainbows and unicorns mixed with zombies god I hate the current version they should’ve kept the this version smh also I won’t kill humans if there’s a choice not to going for a no kill rule here the zombies are fair game tho since they’re well already dead

  9. Different colour grading, early footage looks grittier, more realistic. Current stuff looks over saturated and cartoony.

  10. I gotta stop watching these videos. It's making the wait for DL2 that much longer but I can't help it. I'm so hyped for this game. Probably the only game I've pre-ordered in the last 5 years.

  11. I hope the game is better than it looks. This looks more like Mirror’s Edge with zombies. The first game was ok, but nothing really amazing.

  12. Still playing the first one. Definitely top 3 favourite games ever. This looks incredible. Everything the first game has, but alot more and improved in every area. Combat and parkour look amazing but it's the sounds, atmosphere and music are the awesome features that stand out for me. Can't wait

  13. The original is still one of the best games I ever played. So many skipped it thinking it was just another zombie game. It wasn't. This game is going to be amazing

  14. Whoever is the gamer playing this near the end Is a top gamer, perfectly executed. Like watching a movie!

  15. Jesus Christ, what is Lawan's voice acting? I thought they hired an actress for her. I actually don't mind her voice, but her delivery isn't great. Still not a fan of the goofy exaggerated hit animations either, they treat one-handed weapons like two-handed weapons from DL1, where a normal attack sends enemies staggering around and power attacks send them to the floor or reeling off. At least for the zombies. The movement has definitely improved, at least as much as they could have, I'm glad about that. Aiden still feels like he weighs like a fluffy pillow though. Also the glowing zombies, not a fan, I love the expanded enemies, but having all the special zombies glow like that just feels really weird and takes away from the terror they once caused. Reminds me of Sunset Overdrive, great game, but not what I want from Dying Light.

  16. This is what they played at their first display of this game….you millennials and gen-X's LOLOLOL… and don't say OK BOOMER…thats my mom. I am generation X dip shit.

  17. Yeah it looks beautiful. The devs have put so much work into this but it’s just another zombie game to me. Looks like a cross between Days Gone and Mirrors Edge. I’m gonna skip this but hope it’s good for the people waiting for it.

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