Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 Cinematic Trailer | Behind The Scenes

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Check out this amazing behind the scenes footage of the CGI dying light 2 trailer.

Video Credits –
Platige Image
Producer: Marcelina Salwin
Production Coordinator: Piotr Bartoszek
CG Breakdowns: Mateusz Sroka
Special thanks: Wojciech Idzi

Creative Producer: Jacek Kłopotowski
Creative Director: Łukasz Janas
Senior Writer: Mariusz Pitura
Senior Brand Manager: Anna Kubica

Production Coordinator: Alex Bogdański
Camera & Edit: Paweł Klempka
Sound: Alex Downar

Original video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2xB_H6d_-w

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  1. I want to have dl2 ulrimate edition but in box but i cant buy one but i can on ps store what should i do buy on playstation store ultimate edition but not in box or deluxe edition but in box

  2. Shoutout to Techland for making this trailer, and a shoutout to you Ali for keeping us all hyped for the game! We look forward to see more news on Dying Light 2 and know it’s gonna be an awesome game! Thanks again Ali!

  3. I am so jealous of people who know how to do this, game programming is such a powerful job ….Kudos to all the artists who participated in creating this wonderful game ?

  4. I really love your content dude and thanks for making everyone’s wait for this game even more hype keep up the great work ?

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