Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 Is Doing Something Amazing! Free DLC Content & First Look At New Features

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Dying Light 2 Is Doing Something Amazing! Free DLC Content & First Look At New Features ➤ Dying Light 2 Ultimate Edition …


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  1. Love your Content you are my favorite YouTube channel and I am so glad you’re covering this game I am so excited for this game I pre-ordered it I’m ready to go please keep the guides and the tips and tricks please keep them coming thank you for all you do long time subscriber love your videos

  2. it's sad how so many recent releases have been dumpster fire releases, cyberpunk, bf2042 to name a few to start, has me and im sure many more people on edge about buying any new releases at all… DICE and CDPR used to be such respected devs. i'm sure i'm not the only one when i say that i'm waiting on all new releases, looking at the sales before buying anything.. trailers look good..

  3. The first game had bad characters who I just couldn't give a shit about so hoping they don't do it again here

  4. people praising this game yet during the daytime gameplay there is literally no fucking zombies. Imagine playing a zombie game only to have to search for zombies like they are vampires inside of houses. Stupid fucking decisions never fail with these game developers in the last 10 years of gaming. 6 fucking years they had and they can't even sync the lips to the conversation and character models that look like 2042.

  5. Wow. This has more planned for it than 2042 did lmao. Right on. Looking forward to it. I wasnt a super die hard fan of the first game, i preferred Dead Island. But this one looks really good!

  6. Free DLC? maybe in Deluxe (one DLC) and Ultimate Version (both DLCs) it is not free, you pay for it buying more expensive Version ?‍♀️

  7. I’m super excited to play this, I’m not sure if I can afford it at launch but hopefully I can get it later.

  8. call me old if you want be if its day one dlc ITS PART OF THE FU[KING GAME including if its made at the same time as the game you are just cutting it out to sell it later. but hey im just referring to the old days before EA opened it up for every company to screw it costumers.

  9. Yea…have all these dlc's and add ons all ready to go….aka ripped from the game in order to sell them to those who dont fork out the bigger bucks for the more extensive editions of the game.

  10. I haven't been exited for a game in many years, I don't like to get myself hyped but I can make an exception for dl2

  11. lol the game with season pass costs about $150 in OZ so they aren't doing anything amazing giving away a few cosmetics or mini missions for free lol

  12. I'm really really hoping this game succeeds I'm sick and tired of getting half baked games or games that don't work

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