Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 Is TERRIBLE. Buy It.

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Just days away until the release of Dying Light 2, in this new Dying Light 2 review as the Dying Light 2 review cycle swiftly approaches, Michael Does Life examines the reality of the Dying Light 2 situation—and it’s NOT looking good right about now for the Dying Light 2


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  1. After what he said about cyberpunk I belive him fuck hope it's not true I'll wait for the review b4 I buy it. I remember when ppl shit on Mike for that cyberpunk video even I did I was like this guys fucked then I played the game and I was Like Holy fuck this guy was right bang on the money

  2. this man mixes just enough fact and just enough irony to be far more entertaining than most other video game reviewers

  3. well i am going to buy this game and beat it because it looks epic and it is way crazier then the first game and the skills are improved and the combat is too and the story looks good as well as choice in this game and the night oh the night is way scarier and challenging and there are new infected types and the old ones have evolved becoming more dangerous so i am buying this game!

  4. Just by you saying this I want to upgrade my purchase to the GameCube version to make it look worse like your opinion and your facts and your gameplay that you have “seen”

  5. Dying Light 2 will be fucking Trash. Garbage ass game. Garbage ass developers. It's gonna be a repeat of Cyberpunk. It's a buggy mess. It'll make your PS5 and Xbox Xplode.
    Pre-ordered it like a month ago. Will be playing for 500 hours straight day one.
    Got a free Tshirt with the preorder 2.

  6. Lmao I knew he was a troll already but this one wins a subscribe from me. His shirt-over-the-head reaction at the end is literally me anytime anyone mentions DL2

  7. If people still haven't figured out that this channel is just a troll channel where this guy plays a salty Character and isn't really being serious, then I worry for your futures.
    Y'all need to smell the coffee.

  8. Stop cherry picking shit Mackel, the locations you showed were some of the most populated areas of the first game and there will likey be areas like it in the sequel. If not? Who gives a fuck? From what we have see every building is playable and populated with infected or bandits.

  9. Jesus, I forgot this guy existed. How have people not figured out that this entire channel is a bad troll? Props to Michael for somehow milking it for this long.

  10. Micheal is a great actor and one of my top 5 favorite trolls, but he needs a better script. It just seems like he’s complaining about stuff that is so minuscule and you’ll never notice, and at times talk about things that have been addressed by the devs and already sorted out.

  11. I'm still trying to figure out if he's trying to do a Trump impression or he's struggling to not shit himself while talking

  12. You’re right Michael! Dying Light 2 is so wrong…….that I preordered a deluxe, standard edition, and ultimate!!!!

  13. I think he gives a shit about gaming and gamers being lied to. People these days are so easily fooled,just make it Shiney and put a price tag in it and their in. I don't know why anyone Pre orders any game these days,for 1 it's pointless for 2 you can't trust that a games gonna work and so so incredibly sad because everyone is to busy going……

  14. HEY EVERYONE: can i point out that the gameplay from the first Dying light that was used in this video was in the most crowded area? in DL1 there is a bridge above the fishing village, and across the bridge is a medical checkpoint, players farm here, its well known. the point of getting across the gap of the collapsed bridge isn't the hard part, just parkour to the top and balance on one of the bearings across. the hard part is that bridge is JAM-PACKED with zombies. its well known as a co-op dare to try and run from one end to the other and back with a grey weapon without jumping on cars.

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