Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 Looks AMAZING On The PS4/XBOX One! All New Gameplay Info & How To Play Early

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Dying Light 2 Looks Amazing On The PS4/XBOX One! All New Gameplay Info & How To Play Early

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  1. So it's 30fps on the PS4 pro ..my stupid sister bought me a playstation gift card for my PS4 Pro but was ment for my Xbox series X so am gonna be stuck at 30fps ..f that

  2. Why would they test it on a base PS4 ??!!! Developers of Cyberpunk 2077 were sure their game would run flawless so I'm sure Techland has faith. Cudos to Techland for showing certified gameplay. Last thing we need is another disaster of a launch of a much anticipated game.

  3. Thanks for the info! Loved the first game. Do you know if the 60 FPS option is available for Xbox One X? I play PC mostly lately and 30 FPS often feels a bit slow to me now

  4. @KhrazeGaming I know this is a PS/XBOX centric channel, but would you happen to have any idea from developers if this game will ever be playable on the Steam Deck or not?

  5. Even tho all I’ve seen so far is the pc version of the game I’m still abit weary of how it will look and run on the older consoles but I am looking foward to playing it but I do know we’ve had so many dud games the last few years don’t get me wrong we’ve had some great games to like doom eternal which looked and ran phenomenal on the base PS4 red dead 2 which ran great as well and mafia 1 definitive but I’m still entering this with some caution

  6. I hope this ends up being a clean and good title, much needed with the state of the gaming industry right now. Sick of bugged out, failed and bad launches….

  7. Think I will preorder in a few days so I can preload. With my internet 50gb takes about 24-32 hours :(. Not sure if this game size just giving example

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