Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human FULL Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (re upload)

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this is a reupload Sponge bobs channel go sub- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLa3kT3uF1Rm44iZ63yxzQ


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  1. Why the heck can't this 04.02 be today ? Why ?? And I my play this game 3 days in row ❤️
    Well I'm so hype… I love DL1 and can't wait DL2 damit.

  2. Why would you take time out of your day to record all 2 hours of someone else’s video and then upload it…

  3. Gaming companies should stop taking videos down because we want to see what we're spending our money on especially with all the unfinished games that get pushed out

  4. Tech land:” there will be no characters from dying light 1 in dying light 2”

    Spike is literally the first character you meet lmao

  5. Is it me, or am I the only one who thinks Aiden sounds exactly like Kyle, but are both seperate voice actors

  6. I'm genuinely curious as to why Techland wouldn't allow this I guess it's due to rules alone but man after watching this I am pretty much sold on 95 percent of the game it looks really good so far

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